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User:tristan_thor (192260)
Name:Tristan Thortnon
Website:Mary Sue Academy of Suewarts
Bio:Full Name (Plus titles if any): Thorium in Middle Earth. For his Earth name he has chosen Tristan Thortnon (nicknamed Thor)
Age/Year: 18/ but in his 4th year
Fandom(s): Harry Potter/ LOTR cross over
Species(es): He is all Wizard, baby!

Hair Colour (Don't forget the flowery adjectives!): He had slighlty russety gingered (not bang out Ron Weasley red!) coloured hair that framed his chiseled face. It was neither straight nor frizzy, it was slightly wavy but not greasy looking.
Eye Colour (Remember: adjectives are your friends.): His eyes were the deepest blue. Deeper than the ocean. However, when he was involved in incantations his eyes stormed over and they became clouded to the point of being black.
Unusual Markings/Colourations: He has a small scar along his left bicep from where he was grazed by an arrow.
Build: He was over six feet tall and was very sinewy. His years growing up under the training of a Ranger had paid off as shown by his finely toned body of which not an ounce of puppy fat showed.
Special Possessions: His wand which was passed on to him by none other than Gandalf the Grey, and his sword which was presented to him by the future King of Gondor.
Animal Friend(s) (if any): A Falcon, called Falcon, that is as black as the darkest night, which is his constant companion that carries messages to and from Middle Earth for him

History/Origin: He is the illegitamate child of Shield Maiden who, in her disgrace gave birth and left her child in the woods for the animals to attack. His true father, a wizard, found him and placed him in the care of Lord Elrond of Rivendell. As the child grew, he passed under the tutorage of a Ranger named Strider who was Isildur's heir. And was a particular favourite amonst the elves of Rivendell.
On his eleventh birthday he was told of his true origin and went to discover who his mother was. His mother, it seems had decided to leave Middle Earth after through a secret portal she had found. He had found the same portal and winded up on earth as well. Unable to return to Middle Earth, he stumbled upon a house that was aptly named 'The Burrow'. Here he discovered his mother.
His mother was overjoyed to see him (she had regreted her desicion of leaving him) and he was welcomed into the Weasely family although he longed for the solitude of Rivendell. His father, sensing his discomfort sent him Falcon as a go between of the two worlds. He longs to return to Middle Earth but does not yet have the strength to do so. He recieved a letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy where he was sorted into Ravenclaw, is a prefect, captain of the Quidditch team, smartest student in the school and best mates with Harry and Ron while harboring a secret crush on Cho Chang.
Connection To Canon: He is the son of Radagast the Brown and a Shield Maiden of Rohan. He is cousins with the Weasley family and grew up in Rivendell
Special Abilities: Can do incantations without the aid of a wand. Is an animagus, can change into any animal at will, a natural at quidditch, ability to go unseen without the aid of a cloak due to his training as a ranger
Other Traits: brilliant swordsman and archer, has girls trailing after him wherever he goes
Likes: Quidditch, swordplay, country walks in the Moonlight, Falcon and horses (he is part Rohan), Cho Chang, and Arwen
Dislikes: earth except for Hogwarts and The Burrow, Evil Dark Lords
Hobbies: Practising his quidditch skills, stomping around the Forbidden Forest, singing elven tunes and archery

Interests:39: angst, animals, archery, arrows, arwen, battles, beautiful clothes, bows, brooding, cho chang, country walks, elves, falcons, fashion, forests, glamour, glitter, hobbits, hogwarts, horses, leather jerkins, makeup, middle earth, moonlight, nature, quidditch, rangers, rivendell, shiny hair, singing, sparkles, style, swordplay, tiaras, wands, weapons, weasleys, wizard robes, wizards
Friends:22: adrian_elsbeth, agent_lee, amalinevra, anarin, arabella_device, brecheiniog, darfatezip, elvenarcher, evilpiratequeen, foreverdorian, frothy_latte, lady_lutetium, malfoy_twins, mirakuru, msas, msas_muns, professor_priss, shinyshinyooh, skandrae, stefanswanne, wizardprincess, zurvan_palazzo
Friend of:15: adrian_elsbeth, agent_lee, anarin, brecheiniog, evilpiratequeen, frothy_latte, jessbanks, kailyn_gadaire, lady_lutetium, mirakuru, professor_priss, shinyshinyooh, skandrae, stefanswanne, zurvan_palazzo
Member of:2: msas, msas_muns
Account type:Early Adopter

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