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Below is user information for desiree amanda maturo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:trigger__happy (168862)
Name:desiree amanda maturo
Location:Colorado Springs, Afghanistan
AOL IM:curlupanddiedie (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:oioigay (Add User, Send Message)
Jabber:that's just jibba jabba!

curlupanddiedie: hey, do me a favor+go into cardiac arrest.
FreakEvilStar: ok
curlupanddiedie: that was easy.

Interests:98: 50 cent, 7 angels 7 plagues, after school knife fight, american nightmare, an albatross, andrew w.k., as i lay dying, atreyu, bandanas, bane, being better than you, being stuck-up, billy idol, bitches, bleeding through, blood brothers, blood for blood, brass knuckles, bratmobile, breathe in, chicks on speed, converge, cosmetology, curl up and die, dawson high, derek hess, designer clothing, desiree amanda maturo, dr. dre, element 101, elitism, eminem, evergreen terrace, every time i die, fashioncore, fighting, fordirelifesake, friendster, fugazi, give up the ghost, go sailor, grade, graffiti, guns, hardcore, hoes, hopesfall, hot hot heat, hxc, i [comma] robot, in flames, in reverent fear, indie, it dies today, johnny cash, killswitch engage, knives, knives out, le tigre, leftover crack, les savy fav, madball, mars volta, mates of state, metalcore, most precious blood, myself, nekromantix, niggers, nora, norma jean, north side kings, pg. 99, pirates, pornography, practiced bravado, samiam, shai hulud, sick of it all, sparta, stay gold, straight edge, switchblades, sxe, tattoos, terror, the eyeliners, the gossip, the transplants, throwdown, to die for clothing, transistor transistor, underoath, unearth, union 13, violence, walls of jericho, xxx
Friends:71: 1949, alanahoney, all_on_black, amberxdream, amez, anothertornpage, apologize, backwerds, blinx, breathe_no_more, broken__hearts_, choking__victim, corpse, crash, die_darling_die, downthestreet, drainedsoul, duskofangels2, electric_child, emokid83, emo_kiddo, end3r, faeriecore, fallintothesky, fall_together, hxc, jeska_, justan0thergirl, knifelifestrife, leftover_kendy, le_sigh, le_snob, lightburnsclear, lipstickstains, logic_, memrieskill, merciful_faggot, ohbabyohbaby, ohv_omit, oh_wow_its_amy, oitotheworld, paskol, playhookey, playknife, reeling, retardlyemo, shakeshakekill, skankinemokid, slowlyfallapart, slo_motion_riot, sour_girl, ssirdi, starsarelame, sweetiepiejess, tenaciously, wish_come_true, worst_ex, xbrokenxheartx, xendxofxanxerax, xhanglikeastarx, xilikedesireex, xxafsxx, _bea, _bittersweet, _corey, _downfall, _snow_white_, _teenage_riot, _television, _void, ___valerie
Friend of:44: aahh_dinosaurs, amberxdream, apologize, blinx, breathe_no_more, brokentrust, crash, drainedsoul, ekka, emokid83, emo_kiddo, fallintothesky, fall_together, itouchmyself, jadasin, justan0thergirl, knifelifestrife, le_sigh, lipstickstains, logic_, melissah, memrieskill, ohbabyohbaby, ohv_omit, oh_wow_its_amy, oitotheworld, paskol, playknife, posa, reeling, rxysunshine, saladdays, shakeshakekill, slo_motion_riot, sour_girl, xbrokenxheartx, xendxofxanxerax, xhanglikeastarx, xilikedesireex, _bittersweet, _downfall, _snow_white_, _teenage_riot, _television
Member of:3: hot_hair, hxc, le_snob
Account type:Early Adopter

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