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User:treeswanthugs (410150)
Location:New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:Trees Want Hugs (Add Buddy, Send Message)

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User Number: 410150
Date Created:2003-07-30

Bailey is a young student from New Jersey. Aspiring writer, mediocre guitarist, animal and nature lover. A rover, little tree hugger bohemian health food junkie. Enjoys daydreaming, being happy, writing poetry and drawing.
Strengths: Very generous, big-hearted, loyal, easy-going, optimistic disposition, intelligent and focused.
Weaknesses: Chronic lazyness, often forgetful, naive and too trusting, occasional spells of pessimism and shyness.
Special Skills: Can touch her nose with her tongue, that's about it.
Weapons: Yells extremely loud when irked, generally good at scaring people when the need arises. ;-)
Favorite quote: "I like too many things and get all confused and hung up running from one falling star to another till I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion." - Jack Kerouac

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Interests:149: ac/dc, acoustic guitars, activism, adult swim, almost famous, animals, aqua teen hungerforce, art, audioslave, bare feet, beaches, beads, beat generation, beatles, billie holiday, black and white photography, black sabbath, blues, bob dylan, bob marley, boys, bracelets, bratmobile, buddhism, candles, cat power, chan marshall, classic cars, clouds, comedy central, conversations, creativity, daisies, dancing, david bowie, distillers, dogs, dorks, drawing, dreams, elvis costello, enlightenment, fender stratocasters, films, fiona apple, flip flops, flirting, friends, fun, garbage, good deeds, grateful dead, guitarists, guitars, happiness, hemp, holding hands, hole, hugs, humor, incense, jack kerouac, jane's addiction, janis joplin, jazz, jeans, jerry garcia, jewelry, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, joan baez, john lennon, jon spencer blues explosion, joni mitchell, journals, karma, kisses, kitsch, led zeppelin, literature, love, manic street preachers, meatloaf, meditation, memories, men, misfits, music, nature, nirvana, optimism, painting, parties, peace, people, pete and pete, phish, photos, picnics, pink floyd, pixies, poetry, poets, polaris, radiohead, random acts of kindness, raveonettes, red hot chili peppers, reggae, relaxation, retro things, robert plant, rock and roll, rocky horror picture show, rooney, scrapbooks, sleater-kinney, sobriety, south park, spirituality, stars, strokes, sublime, sunshine, sylvia plath, the doors, the jam, the living end, the ocean, the outdoors, the sky, the who, thought, thrift shops, tori amos, veganism, vegetarianism, vintage clothing, violent femmes, wandering, warren zevon, weezer, white stripes, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga, zen, ziggy stardust
Friends:5: dick_blick_69, misterwayne, rachaelfaith, veggie_tales, xsampsonitex
Friend of:3: misterwayne, rachaelfaith, xsampsonitex
Account type:Free User

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