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Below is user information for tr a p u n z e l. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:trapunzel (774426)
Name:tr a p u n z e l
Website:Faceless Angels
Location:Benicia, California, United States
AOL IM:Trapunzel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:148: abnormal psychology, ancient, animal rights, anxiety, art, autumn, bathory, bats, bdsm, bipolar, black, black nail polish, blinkies, blood, bodices, body art, bondage, books, boots, calligraphy, candles, catholicism, cemetaries, chagall, chobits, clothing, clouds, cold weather, corsets, cows, crucifixes, cyndi lauper, dahmer, dali, darkness, dead roses, dead sea scrolls, dead things, death, designing cloths, different religions, dollies, dominatrix, drawing, dreams, dresses, edgar allen poe, edna st. vincent millay, edwardian, elizabeth bathory, eyeliner, eyes, female, fishnets, ghosts, god, gore, goth, gothic subculture, goths, gravestones, graveyards, guitar, hail, halloween, heels, high heels, hungarian, hungary, icons, impressionists, industrial, italian, italy, jack off jill, jesus, johnny depp, kidney thieves, knee high boots, lace, lenore, lollipops, male, marc chagall, marilyn manson, medical, medieval, michael parks, modeling, modern, moody blues, morbid, mozart, murderers, mythology, nails, necklaces, nirvana, numerology, opera, pain, painting, pandas, paranormal, parapsychology, photography, piercings, pink, platforms, poems, poetry, psychology, ptsd, pumps, radiohead, rain, rats, rennaissance, robert downey jr, roman dirge, salvador dali, serial killers, sewing, shoes, singing, spider webs, spiders, spirits, stigmata, storms, surrealism, tare panda, tarepanda, tarot cards, tattoos, terminator, the moody blues, the three graces, torture, vampires, velvet, victorian, vinyl, virgin mary, wedges, white, writers, writing
Friends:2: bittrsweetcndy, pumpkinrocks
Friend of:2: bittrsweetcndy, pumpkinrocks
Account type:Free User

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