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Below is information about the "Tranquility Bay" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:tranquility_bay (149584)
Name:Tranquility Bay
Location:Mandeville, Jamaica
About::Introduction: Tranquility Bay provides an effective program for teens who are struggling in their home, school, or community. This Program is specifically designed to help teens replace inappropriate attitudes, behaviors, and habits with new, productive ones. Tranquility Bay is located at a remote beach facility along the south coast of the Jamaican island and all students are housed on-campus. Tranquility Bay has an extremely progressive academic program. The curriculum is individualized and competency based, allowing students to work at their own pace and maximize the learning process. Students are not held back by other teens in the class, lesson plans, teachers' schedules, course offerings, or class availability. The students are tutored by a teacher and in some cases, it is possible to complete courses on an accelerated basis. Each student is assessed upon admission and then assisted in designing their specific course of study. Teens develop and grow through the balanced schedule of behavior modification, academics, personal development courses, health, fitness, and recreation. This daily structure provides the catalyst for students to develop positive habits. Positive habits not only create success, but also allow teens to feel better about themselves. Once an appropriate self-esteem is established, the teens become INTERNALLY MOTIVATED: This means they will want to do the right thing for the right reasons; not because the parents or the Program instructors desire them to, but because they want to, having experienced the positive benefits for themselves. Once this is accomplished, the war is over. The family structure can be restored. High standards exist. Inappropriate behavior is confronted, consequented and redirected. Appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded. A merit system is used requiring each teen to earn their status and privileges through a standard program using a level system.

:Summary: Basically, this isn't your every day schooling AU PB thingy. The students here have some kind of disorder or problem to recover from, so, consider Tranquility Bay an island rehab support group of some sort where teens can interact with other teens that share some of the same problems as they do themselves such as everything from anorexia to depression, personality disorders, to video game disorders.

:Warning: This game deals with real life situations. If you can't handle things such as drugs, addiction, disorders, rape, graphic sexual content, or other crap like that; then I think you should get the hell out now and go join a teeny game.

:Taken PB's:
Coming soon

:PB's On Hold:

admissionoffice - The rules and guidelines can be found here. (Maintained by tb_maintainer)

tb_ooc - This one's for OOC crap ONLY! (Maintained by avery_allen)

therapy_unit - This is where you tell everyone what the hell's wrong with you and make another intro or whatever for those new members! (Maintained by mika_duante)

tb_roomies - Want a roomie? Go here! (Maintained by shane_f)

tb_secrets - Confess your dirty little hush hushes here. (Maintained by avery_allen)

place_to_bitch - Anger Management. (Maintained by jayson_beckman)
Interests:96: addiction, alcoholism, amnesia, anorexia nervosa, antisocial personality disorder, anxiety disorders, anxious, asylum, ativan, attention deficit disorder, avoidant personality disorder, bipolar, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, bulimia nervosa, codependency, crazy, cutting, depressed, depression, dissociative identity disorder, doctors, drug, eating disorders, effexor, fetishism, frotterism, gambling addiction, halidol, hate, hospital, hypochondria, illness, impulse-control disorders, insane, insomnia, intermittent explosive disorder, internet addiction, kleptomania, lithium, mania, manic, manic depressive, mental institution, mentally ill, mood disorders, moody, multiple personality disorder, narcolepsy, needles, nervous, nurses, obligatory exercise, obsessive compulsive disorder, online games, orthorexia nervosa, pain, panic disorder, paxil, pedophile, pedophilia, personality disorder, personality disorders, phobias, pornography addiction, post traumatic stress disorder, prozac, psychiatric facilities, psychiatry, psychology, pyromania, recovery, resperidol, role play games, rpg, sad, schizoaffective, schizophrenic, school, self harm, self injury, self-esteem, self-injury, sexual addiction, sleep disorders, smoking addiction, stab, substance abuse, suicidal, suicide, suicide attempt, support groups, teenagers, trichotillomania, video game addiction, zoloft
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