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User:tragique (45666)
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States

- the girl -

hi :D my name is lindsay. my friend's call me either lani or linz. i live in towson, maryland. never move here e_e it sucks all. i am 13 years old, and my bday is on december 6. i go to ridgeley middle school, where i am in 7th grade. i'm pretty shy, unless i'm with friends, and then i can be really loud and outgoing. i can be either immature or mature, depending on my mood. i can get really depressed, too, because i have clinical depression xX; i'm usually pretty chipper and cheerful though. -Shrugs.-

- her looks -

i'm a lot taller than most other people my age. i look maybe a year or two older than my age, too o_o i'm 5'4", last time i checked, and fat XD i have slightly longer than shoulder length brown hair with natural blonde highlights and an auburn..ness. my eyes are hazel, but the dominant color changes from green to brown. my style is kind of punk/emo/goth/liberal-artsy, all rolled into one. i usually wear all black or dark colors. for some reason my style/outfits receive a very hostile reaction from most people around me ._. closed-minded douches.

- her favs -

i love all kinds of art. music, drawing, writing. i would die if i didn't have art. i have way too many favorite bands and stuff to name, so whatever :D i'd also die if i didn't have the internet nn; i love it. i like movies, too. and books. i love anything to do with lotr or the vampire chronicles espescially. WOOHAR.

- misc -

i love my friends. i don't have that many, but the ones i do have are like family to me. i'm extremely loyal and shit to them.
i've already pretty much planned out what i wanna do when i grow up. i want to be either a writer, an actress, or a musician. those are my ideal jobs. if i can't make it as one of those though, i know i'll be either a web designer or computer programmer, because i'm already good at both of those pretty much. i want to get married and have 2 kids. i already picked out the names, even xD yes, i am prepared for the future.

i dunno what else to put o_o kay, bye :D

aim - tresfreak

:: Get Over It ::

Random Facts about Lindsay/Lani/Linz

Whenever she takes a urine test at the doctor's, she pisses on her hand.
She carries her chinchilla around in a purse sometimes.
She collects books about vampires.
She adores Mountain Dew.
If she could, she'd always wear Armani suits, a cape, a tophat, and carry around a pimpcane.
She likes to have philosophical discussions with her chinchilla and her hamster.
She likes to have hot chocalate using her little dollie tea set.
She as an odd fascination with porcelain dolls.
She's a pyro. Name anything, she's probably set it on fire.
She's a 1337 ninj4, and will come after yo' ass.

I'm bored :D
Interests:82: alternative, angel sanctuary, anime, anne rice, ardal o'hanlon, armani, art, bisexuality, blood, boys, bunnies, but i'm a cheerleader, butterfly knives, chinchillas, chobits, comedy, computers, death metal, dir en grey, drawing, fairies, fire, food, forensics, gackt, girls, godsmack, good charlotte, goth metal, green day, html, internet, interview with the vampire, jack off jill, jack skellington, jhonen vasquez, jpop, jrock, kitties, korn, layouts, love, malice mizer, manga, mountain dew, music, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, ozzy, parapsychology, photography, playstation, poetry, pong, puppies, red hot chili peppers, right said fred, rock, roman dirge, romanticism, saliva, saves the day, semi-automatic handguns, serial experiments lain, serial killers, shounen-ai, slipknot, south park, spooky things, stephen lynch, switchblade symphony, switchblades, taproot, the juliana theory, tim burton, tolkien, top hats, vampire princess miyu, vampires, videogames, websites, yaoi
Friends:23: battah_suicide, berrynai, bluberri, fxcker, geekoid, grimm, indigo_dreams, kanariya, kyuujoushou, lil_gurlie, lonely_eyes, pyromaniac, seansbabygirl, sour_girl, trailerpark, twiggette, unprettier, unravelledsoul, valuepack, xxkittyxx, _disturbed, __h0peless, __secondstar__
Friend of:10: bluberri, fxcker, lild4u, lil_gurlie, pyromaniac, seansbabygirl, twiggette, unprettier, waste_ofpaint, _disturbed
Member of:2: blurty_awards, psychward
Account type:Early Adopter

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