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Below is user information for teenage bonehead. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tragicmusic (201677)
Name:teenage bonehead
Location:houston, Texas, United States
AOL IM:ben27weasel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm John, I play in a few bands and love music.
Interests:89: !!!, 7 seconds, a radio with guts, against me!, air, alkaline trio, anal cunt, antioch arrow, at the drive-in, aus-rotten, bad brains, ben folds, ben weasel, black flag, brand new, brandon tussey, brandtson, bright eyes, buddy holly, charles bronson, charles bukowski, choking victim, darlington, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead kennedys, desaparecidos, dr frank, faith no more, fantomas, fifteen, fuck on the beach, george romero, godspeed you! black emperor, gpc, horror movies, jawbreaker, jets to brazil, johnny cash, kevin smith, knapsack, le shok, matt skiba, mike patton, minor threat, moral crux, mr bungle, mr t experience, nick cave, nothing nice to say, pedro the lion, pig destroyer, radiohead, rilo kiley, screeching weasel, slayer, sloppy seconds, sonic youth, spazz, state of alert, stereolab, sundays best, taking back sunday, teen idles, teen idols, the apers, the beatles, the birthday party, the boredoms, the connie dungs, the faint, the jealous sound, the lillingtons, the locust, the manges, the melvins, the misfits, the mountain goats, the queers, the ramones, the residents, the riverdales, the weakerthans, tiny tim, tom waits, tomahawk, tsol, view askew, zombie movies
Friends:38: 86, afterthemovies, armitron, bloodydancing, buhagden, daveannoyance, elite_core, emj, gosetready, houston_scene, inflatermouse, karenkoltrane, kingwood_fucks, latch_key_jason, lookatd, love_you_too, luxy, masspike, my_head_hurts, o0oairno0o, phe0be_cates, robokati, sarah_jay, savemyday, siobhanm, stza, suevagi, tenyears, threeaway, tomlakey, vavavoomda, waist_of_blurty, waner, whineinc, xbruisedvioletx, xryanonymousx, _lipstick, _retro
Friend of:32: 86, afterthemovies, andthestarsfell, armitron, bloodydancing, cheapshotyouth, cherry_bomb, daveannoyance, fat_fucker, ghostmantled, gosetready, ichabodberry, ikegnome, joshuagooch, karenkoltrane, luxy, manduh, masspike, my_head_hurts, o0oairno0o, phe0be_cates, remeber2breathe, sarah_jay, savemyday, scenepollution, spanishstallion, stza, vavavoomda, waner, whineinc, xryanonymousx, _retro
Member of:1: kingwood_fucks
Account type:Early Adopter

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