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Below is user information for Meow. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:toxickitten187 (922804)
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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ToxicKitten187 is:
A russian chick, thats an aspiring photographer. Addicted to energy drinks, art(especially photography, dark, fantasy and makeup art.) and music(mainly industrial, ebm, synth-pop, trance and russian pop/rock). She is open minded and not afraid to speak her mind. She is also ocd about small details, and paranoid. She follows no religion and practices witchcraft.

ToxicKitten187 is NOT:
She is not a Wiccan and she does not follow the 3 fold law. She would rather die then harm an animal. She is not a vegetarian but also does not eat meat(long story). She is not completely sane or brilliant. She is not a liar, and she doesn't do drugs.

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This journal is friends only because I like to know who reads and looks at my shit.

To be added:
.: Add me and comment(or I wont know to add you) :.
.: Should comment from time to time :.
.: dONt tyP LiKe DiZ (it just makes you look stupid as fuck) :.
.: Must be open minded :.
.: And must have something in common with me :.

(After all that has been done and I still dont add you it could be one of 2 reasons. 1)I have yet to get around to it. And 2) For some reason I dont like you, or your journal bored me. If I dont add you get over it, acceptance from me should not be your top priority. And if I added you then took you off I refer you to #2, If you want to know why ask dont bitch and I shall tell you.

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- ArtConspiracy -

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give toxictrip more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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Interests:131: alcohol, alice in wonderland, anti social, anxiety, art, astrology, bdsm, beauty, being bitten, bettie page, biting, blood, body modification, body piercing, bondage, bruises, candles, cats, chaos, chaos magick, clothes, concerts, corsets, cuddling, curiosity, cybergoth, cyberpunk, dancing, darkness, darkwave, divination, dominance, dominatrix, drawing, dreads, dreams, energy, energy manipulation, euro pop, fae, faerys, fairies, fetish, fire, foreplay, freaks, fun, glow sticks, gothic, graphic art, hair extentions, horror, horror movies, incense, indie films, industrial, industrial music, insanity, kandi, kissing, knives, latex, lesbian porn, licking, love, lust, magik, make-up, makeup, making out, masochism, metal, movies, music, mythology, neon colors, night, occult, orgasms, pagan, pain, paranormal, personality disorders, photography, piercings, pills, platforms, poetry, porn, psycho, punk, punks, pvc, raves, reading, requiem for a dream, romance, s&m, sadism, sadists, safety pins, sanguinarius, satanism, self hatred, sex, shoes, shopping, silky dreads, sin, sleeping, smoking, strangeland, stuff, sushi, synthetic hair, synthpop, tatoos, teasing, techno, torture, trance, tv, vampires, vampyres, vanity, violet, visual arts, weed, whips, witchcraft, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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