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User:tothebitterend (918668)
Location:Severna Park, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:antiamenity (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:So this is My Blurty. I didn't make this to broadcast my bitchings to the entire world or to be part of some Online Journal phase, I'm just doing this to get some of my sentiments out. I'm not looking for relationships because I love being in (what I call) love right now. I am crazed yet tranquil at times. I have my alternating physical aspects as does any other girl obsessed with hair dyes glittering make-ups. I write what I feel and say what I think. I don't give a damn what people think of me, but I have enough consciousness and insecurities to take care of the way I look. I despise people who adore duplicating their attributes to be like the rest of their peers. I also detest extreme attention seekers and especially the fake. "It is better to fail in originality, than succeed in imitation." I believe that you should be outgoing and show your personality in any way that suits you. I am involved in politics and am extremely Pro-Choice and Anti-Bush. Being Pro-Gay Rights is another one of my spirited features. I think Marilyn Monroe is one of the sexiest women alive. Reading is definitely my favorite pastime, I love authors like Francesca Lia Block, Holly Black, Pete Hautman, and Annette Curtis Klause. I am inspired by the unknown like Susan Powers and Judith Sargent Murray. I love the rain and the cold. Thunder and lightening make me smile. I am practically engaged to my eyeliner. I think it’s cool to wear make-up or not, natural is an awesome look and if you’re into it - Go for it! But I have no problem with drowning myself in foundation - even if I do like to show what I really look like underneath all that once in a while. Clothes are astounding, I worship dressing up in funky clothing. Sequins anything rocks my world. Thrift stores are a MUST, whoever is too stuck up to shop in them can bite me. If you can get fabulous clothes for about 4$ a piece, why go anywhere else? I love things with no point, I will go to the mall with my best friend just to walk around and be at the mall. Vocabulary is important to me, if your main word of the day is “like” you’re not my kind of person. I do well in school, but getting good grades is hardly “up there” on my list of Must Do’s. Music is my passion, I could spend days listening to the same CD if it puts me in that celestial atmosphere. I appreciate all types of music, but only tolerate listening to some of it. I like some Pop and some Rap, yeah. Deal with it. I enjoy it, so I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like to please someone else. I can get very emotional at times but don't always show it, not being one to wear my emotions on my sleeves (not that there's anything wrong with that, I’m just not that kind of girl). I am not exactly the cautious type, being risky temps me too much. Being creative is my preference in expressing myself. Collages cover the walls of my room made from clippings of magazines that amuse or interest me. Being constantly surrounded freaks me out, not trying to be anti-social, but being alone sometimes is necessary for my survival. I try to be open to everyone, but there are just some people I naturally don’t get along with. Oh, well, it’s life. I’m not going to hide the fact that I can be bitchy either, and that I will be bitchy whenever I feel the need. Life may be filled with the pretend and fake, but I try to be real. Well, that’s a sample of me for you, drink it down, spit it out, whatever you choose.
Interests:98: alannah myles, apathy, black, blood and chocolate, books, boomkat, building, butterflies, cheerleading, christina vidal, chunky jewlry, coldplay, concrete blonde, cookie dough, cream, cream soda, david bowie, druming, dvfe, electric 6, emf, everyone else, eye makeup, fishnets, forty foot echo, friends, frou frou, gel, gingerbread, girl goddess #9, girl interupted, girls in trouble, glitter, gmg, guitarists, hair dye, highlights, joan jett, josie and the pussycats, journey, jungle brothers, katy rose, kid rock, l.a., letters to cleo, life as a house, lifehouse, love, lust, magazines, martina mcbride, matchbox 20, melissa ethridge, men, music, nail polish, nickelback, nikki cleary, peaches, photos, piercings, pigging out, pink, pink poodles, platforms, prodigy, progressive house, purpose, reading, rollercoaster, rose red, samantha ronson, savium, self, semisonic, sequins, shopping, simon and garfunkel, skaters, sparkle clothing, spiderbait, starr, strawberries, stunting, sweetblood, the breeders, the donnas, the shins, thirteen, thrift stores, tithe, tumbling, valens, whipped cream, white chocolate covered pretzels., white oleander, wicca, xtc
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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