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Below is user information for Tasha-Ray Evin. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:totallyxtasha (330016)
Name:Tasha-Ray Evin
AOL IM:TotallyxTasha (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:-My first name: Tasha-Ray
- My last name: Evin
- Zodiac sign: Gemini
- Main instrument: guitar
- Other instruments played: flute, bass, drums, keys
- Eye Color: blue
- Hair Color: blond
- Height: 5'2
- Marital Status (single, casually dating, steady boyfriend, don't want to say): single
- Qualities You Look For In A Partner Are: smart, funny, anyone who isn't materialistic..and superficial.
- My Dream mate: Taylor Hanson
- My Future Goals Are: do a tour around the world
- My Favorite Saying/Quote Is: bulletproof
- My motto in life is: the one who denied it, supplied it!
- Education (High School Student, graduated High School, College Student, Graduated College - specify which establishment (s): high school student
- What Would You Do With $1 Million Dollars: donate money to preserve the rain forest, invest.
- My favorite band/artist (s):radiohead
- My favorite movie (s):what dreams may come
- My hobbies include: fishing, writing songs, singing, guitar, camping, archery.
- My favorite color: black
- How would you describe your fashion style: conservative/rock
- My first concert attended: philosopher kings
- Any tattoos? No
- If not what would you get: don't know yet
- If your house was on fire, which one item would you take with you?: toothbrush, underwear.
- If you were not a musician, what would you be doing?: biologist
- What upsets you the most?: neglect
- What's your favorite food?: sushi
- Favorite TV show?: Seinfeld
- Coolest person you've ever met?: WEEZ
- I'd give anything to meet?: Kurt Cobain
- You'd never know that I .?:worst speller in the world!!

[[Not real]]
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:20: ali_g, aslavetocheese, ava_delonge, caldwell_k, cyrus_bolooki, david__boreanaz, digital_dreamr, gwyn_paltrow, jakeb_g, kari_delonge, linds_lohan, made_x_joel, matty_lovato, matt_x_lovato, otownashley_, paulthomas_gc, reese____, snowbunni6903, static_j, weez
Member of:5: duality_words, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_ooc
Account type:Free User

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