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User:torturetoy (963963)
Bio:I'm Sarah Riley Smith (SRS). As an inside joke, friends call me SARS. Friendly nickname, I have asthma's all good.
I'm an aspiring author/photographer. (Photo journalism, much?) But I'm a little smarter than to depend solely on my ability to write and photograph. They're just nice hobbies, if I get far with them, then so be it, but I'll never depend on that for my income. That in mind, I'm majoring in Law at such-and-such University. I play violin, clarinet, and guitar. I'm dating a drummer-pianist. It's quite evident that music is a large portion of my life. I am very serious about it, very passionate, as I am with my writing.
I write when I can. Usually I write about things I have seen, heard of, or just what I've gone through in my life. I'm in the middle of my first official book called, "Dead among the living." It's a serious work in progress. It's in journal-prose format. I got my inspiration from Ellen Hopkins. :)

Anything else?
Just ask. I'm quite honest.
Interests:7: baking/cooking, drawing/sketching, grammar, photographing. . ., playing music, reading, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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