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User:toraneko (43134)
Location:Hartwood, Virginia, United States
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Yahoo! ID:DiqitalDreaming (Add User, Send Message)
About Me

This is my sanctuary; my collection of thoughts, musings, daily crap and quizzes. I do not mind if you add me to your friends list. I like meeting new people. I will always add you back.

I am a teenager who attends Colonial Forge High School and I am in their Governor’s School program. I’m your average ditzy blonde with color-change eyes. Most people rate me, on the great-scale-o-intelligence as a 1.5 when they meet me for the first time. That's what Katie said she gave me, until we worked on a movie together. However, my intelligence level only went up seven points. Boo-frickity-hoo. I am very territorial. If you sit in my seat at lunch, I will sit on you. I have no boyfriend, and I am not looking for one. Relationships tend to end up badly for me. I play the guitar and I love to screw around with stuff on the internet. I like to design and make shrines for my favorite movies. I never did finish that script for Bride of Chucky. I’m a big Chucky fan. I’m also a big Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fan. I love music. Otep is my favorite band. I also like Jack off Jill, KoRn, Acid Bath, Deftones, Slipknot, 3 Doors Down, Sw1tched, and many others. I have odd tastes in music. I have many idols: My father; first and foremost. He is a great man and a wonderful father. Secondly, Otep of Otep. She is an amazing woman. Jonathan Davis is my third idol. Fourth is my friend Manderz.

I live in the little town of Hartwood, which is in Virginia. Hartwood does in fact have a ghetto. It lasts for about forty feet, but it’s there. We are also known for our high levels and male prostitution. And maybe the fact that, hey, major Civil War battles were fought here (Well, Fredericksburg which Hartwood is sort-of a part to). There are a lot of “haunted houses” here if you believe such things. My favorite quote about where I live is: ““Fredericksburg and the country immediately about it was fought over, marched over, shelled, ravaged, and desolated. Under its streets and yards, hundreds of dead were buried to be, now and again, unearthed. No other American city ever suffered as did this formerly prosperous town.” In fact, you can visit my webpage that I did for a year long project on the subject of Fredericksburg and it’s ghost by going to The Ghosts of Fredericksburg. The roads do not have stop signs or are marked with colored paint in any way. I live on a gravel road, on top of a huge hill with a newly paved driveway (FINALLY!) in a house my father built some years back. I live with my mom, Kathy, and my dad, Mike. I have a dog who I love very much. His name is Star.


Place your cursor over the image to see what is in the picture. These are not just of me, but my family, friends, pets, and other odd things. Enjoy!

This Is MeMy Dog, StarMy Dad, Mike
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Bennifer and DanielBF (Butt-Fucker)Josh and Jessica
John-JohnSmitler and SarahThomas and Manderz


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Interests:123: 3 doors down, 3rd strike, acting, adema, alien ant farm, amelia atwater-rhodes, anime, beautiful creatures, boating, brad dourif, bride of chucky, candles, candy suxxx, charles lee ray, chevelle, child's play 1, child's play 2, child's play 3, christopher pike, chucky, cows, csi, cucumber mellon, dead sharks, deftones, demon in my view, dinosaurs, directing, disturbed, dobermans, dolphins, domain names, dope, dr. romano, drama, drawing, driving the boat, drowning pool, drums, er, film editing, final fantasy games, fish, flaw, game sh33p, geocities, german shepherds, godsmack, goodguy dolls, government, government class, grand theft auto games, guitar, halfcocked, hatebreed, hawksong, horror, icp, jack off jill, jennifer tilly, jessicka, jthm, k-chat, kittie, korn, lava lamps, lazlo, livejournal, love fist, macbeth, manga, marilyn manson, midnight predator, mudvayne, mushroomhead, nirvana, no one, nonpoint, nursing, oom the dyslexic cow, orgy, otep, papa roach, photography, play-doh, politics, presido med, pressure 4-5, producing, resident evil games, rhodesian ridgebacks, rn, rob zombie, scrubs, seinfeld, serial killers, sex club 7, sh33p, sharks, shattered mirror, sheep, slipknot, snake river conspiracy, soil, special effects makeup, spineshank, splatterpunks, squee!, staind, static-x, sw1tched, system of a down, taproot, techies, the crow movies, the sims, the sims online, thylacanes, tissue boxes, tommy vercetti, v-rock, webdesign, will and grace
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