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User:tookus9 (72107)
Location:Northbridge, Massachusetts, United States
MSN Username:tookus9

My name is Angela, but people call me Angi; Ang; or as Matt, Sheena, & Jess call me Hun I currently attend NHS (it sux wicked ass)!

I am 5'2", I have naturally blonde hair ( it's been dyed so many times that i'm surprised that i remember it), and I have gorgeous blue i'z.

>I have the BEST friends in the whole entire world: Sheena, Jess, Cassie(my sis), Matt (he's so friggin' sexy), Cola, Nichole, Eric, Nik (he's cute too), Heather, Tommy, & Spencer >

··· ( What shes about )

I am..opinionated; mouthy; smartass; fun; caring; loving; mature; immature ; blonde at heart; silly; happy; WiLD; daredevil; adventurous; kissable; huggable; total.knockout; dreamy; sarcastic; serious; funny; cute; cuddley; affectionate; trustworthy; special; beautiful; nice; kind; friendly; smart; sensitive; careful; hopeful; cheerful; amazing; random; flirty; obsessive; creative; real

··· (FAVORiTES )
COLOR ··· pink
iCE CREAM ··· Cookie Douqh
TV SHOW ··· gilmore girls
ANiMAL ···Matt
FOOD ···Matt
DRiNK ··· bicardi + vodka + Mike's + Emma's mom's homemade wine(shit's potent)
ARTiSTS ···Nelly + Eminem + Ja Rule + no and then
SONGS ··· country gramma, lose yourself, i'm real
STOREs ···Hot Topic, Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria Secret
CANDY ··· Swedish Fish, Matt
PERFUME ··· tommy + adidas + candies
ACTOR ···Vin Diesel
ACTRESS ··· Drew Barrymore
WORD ··· skank

··· ( What i b wearin )
I wear...; hollister; silvers; abercrombie; american eagle; aeropostale; charlotte russe; wet seal; roxy; oneil; billabong; warm vanilla sugar; gadzooks; sketchers; adidas; flip flops; sandals; belts; nailpolish; skirts; paris blues; mudd; lei; candies; hoodies; cherry lipgloss; any kind of lip gloss; blue notes; pac sun; hair accessories; jewelry; silver hoop earrings; thumb rings; toe rings; glitter; make up; eye shadow;

··· ( My babii)
im really into my babii Matt!!


....MoRe 2 CoMe..
Interests:148: *blu*, aim, angels, anything saucy, aol, baby blue, bacardi, baggy pants, basketball, bath and body works, baths, bein a bitch, bein a hoe, bein sexii, blind dates, blunts, body fantasies, bootii muzik, breakdancing, britney spears, bubble baths, bubblegum, bubbles, buffy, candles, cell phones, chillen wit mah girls, christmas, cinnamon buns, clouds clothes, clubbin, colorful things, computers, cookies, cosmetics, cotton candy, cozy blankets, crimpy hair, cute stuff, dancin, december, delia*s, devils, dolphins, dreams, dunkin donuts, earings, eyebrow rings, fairys, fantasies, fireworks, flares, friday nights, funyuns, furry things, fuzzy things, gadzooks, giggling, ginuwine, glitter, glowsticks, goofing off, gummy bears, guys, guys cologne, handcuffs, havin a blast, hearts, hennessey, hoodies, hotties, hugz, italianz, ja rule, jacuzzi, july, kisses, kittens, laughing, lightening, lipgloss, lolipops, lotion, love, mad parties, make up, maqic, marlboros, money, monkeys, monopoly, mountain dew, movies, mozzarella stix, music, my hair, necklaces, nelly, neopets, newports, nice cars, niqqahz, online tests, pagers, pasta, peachy things, perfume, pets, phone, pink roses, pink thonqs, pixii stix, pizza, poetry, promises, puppiez, r&b, rain, rap, rings, rotties, sex, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, showers, silver things, singin, sledding, sleeping, slow jamz, snow, soft lips, sparkles, stars, stickers, straberry kiwi wine coolers, tanning, tatoos, teddy bears, teen magazines, thongs, thunder, thuqs, timbs, tongue rings, weekendz, wi
Friends:1: babii_b0o
Account type:Early Adopter

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