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Below is user information for Toedai Noodles. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:toedainoodles (500747)
Name:Toedai Noodles
Website:Lacquer;; an Mp3 rotation site...
Location:A log cabin in the desert, United States
AOL IM:Toedai Noodles (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:dzqle (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:toedainoodles
Bio:I am a pyschopatic homicidal schizophrenic living in a log cabin out in the desert.

You do not need the exact location, because if I ever see you around there, I will probably get my rifle and shoot you in the mouth.

I have two X chromosomes.

I'm short.

I'm anorexic.

Not literally.

I am not bald.

I have dark brown eyes and black hair.

I hate wearing skirts and dresses.

I wear glasses.

I like Tekken 3.

I like Resident Evil.

I like to draw.

I like to paint.

Charcoal rules.

I like Dir en Grey and System of a Down.

I like pretzel sticks, dried squid, and beef jerky (not the American beef jerky, the Asian beef jerky, damnnit!)

Why specifically Asian beef jerky?

They are just better... that's why.

Wrong grammar, spelling, and punctuation pisses me off.

I drink water 99.9% of the time.

I want a hypoallergenic cat, preferably a Sphynx. They rule.

I speak to myself... sometimes.

I like books. I cut them. I draw in them. I read them. I eat them. But I don't burn them.

Guys with braces are cute.

Guys with moustaches are not.

Girls with long fingers are cool.

Girls with jelly rolls are not.


I would have to say, Ass sphincter says what?


A sphincter says what?



Why you are still reading this, I do not know.


┼∩goc εlice

Favorite Quotes and Random Comments from friends:


"That bitcsh is da shitz!"

"You like trees!? I bet you have a twig, ______. Yeah, you do, I don't see any branches there..."

"That's off the chain!"

"MONKEY!" (refering to Kim)

"Why can't I be a cheese!?"

"Hyuck... hyuck..."
Interests:112: alice in chains, aliene ma'riage, aliens, allure idea, art, asian, astrology, bach, bacon, baroque, beethoven, bjork, black, blam honey, blood, boa, books, braces, buck-tick, butter, cali gari, candy, cds, cheese, chocolate cake, cradle of filth, d.p.s, dir en grey, dog fashion disco, drawing, due le quartz, duel jewel, dvds, fake?, final fantasy, fish, fly to the sky, gackt, garbage, glasses, glay, golf, guys with braces, hardcore movies, hentai, hide, horror, horror movies, horror stories, hot fries, hyde, internet, j-rock, janne da arc, japan, jellybeans, kagerou, kagrra, kyo, l'arc~en ciel, lucifer, luna sea, malice mizer, marilyn manson, maupassant, merry, mindless self indulgence, miyabi, miyavi, mozart, mp3s, mucc, mushroomhead, music, mythology, nerds, nine inch nails, oblivion dust, paintbrushes, painting, penicillin, pho, pierrot, plaid pants, plastic tree, playstation, rammstein, rap, reading, rice, rice crackers, rob zombie, sculpture, sex machineguns, sex pistols, singing in the shower, smashing pumpkins, squid, static-x, stuff animals, system of a down, tetsu69, the last secret garden, tool, tori amos, ufos, vanilla, velvet eden, vidoll, white, x-japan, yaoi
Friends:4: kouji, minorthreat27x, plasticfayness, zomboidfilth
Friend of:1: minorthreat27x
Member of:4: gakkun_, jrockwallpapers, jrock_icons, jrock_layouts
Account type:Free User

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