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User:tocityguy (128906)
Website:TOCityGuy's Webpage
Location:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Bio:My name is Keith and I am a 29 year old bisexual polyamourus Scorpio male from Mississauga. Now to explain that in a little more detail.

Keith. I’m Scottish and it’s a popular Scottish name meaning "forest" or "man from the woods". I do enjoy nature and love to go camping and hiking and I plan to do that a lot more than I have in previous years. My ideal life would probably involve a transporter to put me into the city at a moment’s notice before heading back to my cabin in the woods complete with high speed Internet access.

29. I'm turning 30 this year *gasp* but the advice I give my friends I'm told is like it comes from somebody older but then I’m told I sometimes behave much younger.

Bisexual. I’ve recognized myself as bisexual about four or five years ago and I’m quite comfortable with the term. I’ve had physical relationships with men but I haven’t found the right one for an emotional one yet. I lean about 70 - 30 towards women (depending upon the moment). I’m currently working on how to start coming out of the closet in the next six months.

Polyamourus. I've been poly for a couple of years now having been introduced to the concept by RYoung3621. It was then I realized that I was always poly since I never understood why people would get jealous over sharing a wonderful person together. Besides, isn’t love limitless? Why can we only love one person romantically at a time? After I come out as bisexual to friends and family, I plan to come out as poly. I figure that way it will reduce the shock a little.

Scorpio. I was born November 20th which nearly puts me into the next sign. I can’t remember what sign is ascending in my astrology but I can tell you that in the Chinese zodiac I was born a hare. (Both animals known for speed. Hmmm... interesting.)

Male. This is pretty straight forward in my case. Not too much to explain really.

Mississauga. Mississauga is the city where I live and it’s right next to Toronto (about a twenty minute drive away). I know my profile says TOCityGuy - TO standing for Toronto, Ontario but it seems rare that people outside of Canada know where Toronto is let alone Mississauga so I thought I’d go with TO instead.

I’m currently emotionally intimate friends with one of my roommates as well as a female living in Utah who is part of a female triad. (The last relationship will probably be taken to a physical level when I visit in September this year. At that point we'll see if we become partners as opposed to friends.)

I graduated as a Systems Analyst (treat me like a computer programmer) that has found wonderful and rewarding work in a library. While I don’t make as much money it is a cause I can get behind as opposed to some of the other work that I’ve done in the past. I may one day get back into the information technology field but for now the library is where I’ll stay.

I have five main hobbies; anime, role-playing, reading, computers, and my daughter. That’s not to say that I don’t have others, because I certainly do have many others (cooking, politics, nude beaches, etc.), but these ones are what I spend more of my time doing.

Anime. Sometimes also known as japan-imation is animated works in the style best known in Japan. Unlike North American works of animation, anime is aimed at all levels of audiences and thus can range from G to R rated (or X rated even) and cover any number of subjects both taboo and mundane. I rent my anime from a local hobby store and have a small collection of my own.

Role-Playing. I play table-top role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Rolemaster, and Paranoia. Role-playing games have got a bad rep over the years for no good reason. They are a great pass time that doesn’t have to cost much and can provide many, many hours of enjoyment. The best part is the game can be tailored to the people playing so can be as violent or non-violent as you choose, as explicit or non-explicit as you like. The limit is your imagination.

Reading. As you might expect being a library guy, I read a lot of books. Generally my tastes pull me towards science fiction and fantasy with my favourite author being Stephen R. Donaldson, but I also read a lot of non-fiction as well. I try and read a variety of subjects and often will pick up at random a new subject I know nothing about like urban planning.

Computers. Being a systems analyst, it shouldn’t surprise you it’s a bit of a pastime. I read about computers and I spend some time on the computer chatting with friends, posting on PMM, etc. I’m not attached to it - I just need a good reason to get off. :)

My daughter. My daughter isn't really a hobby but she does take up some of my time and I enjoy spending time with her. She is 9 years old and lives with her mom. I see her every other weekend and stay in touch with her via e-mail. She's a great kid.

For those of you who find all this interesting you can e-mail me at or get on Yahoo messenger and add me to your friends list - my profile is, you guessed it, tocityguy.

If you’d like more information about me or what I do on a regular basis I suggest two links:

My homepage

My journal
Memories:12 entries
Interests:85: anime, audio books, babylon 5, bicycles, bisexuality, books, camping, canada, candles, caving, cbc radio, coffee, computer games, computers, cooking, crock pots, cuddling, d&d, david eddings, digital cameras, dungeons and dragons, enigma, evangelion, fantasy, folklore, food, geek, geeks, hockey, incense, inuyasha, japan, kaleidoscope, kaleidoscope gathering, kensington market, kevin smith, lgbt, making love, men, metallica, michael moore, movies, multiculturalism, mythology, nude frisbee, nudism, outdoors, paganism, politics, poly, polyamory, polyamoury, potlucks, public transportation, qabala, qabalah, reading, renaissance faires, robert jordan, role-playing games, rpgs, sailor moon, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, sex, skinny dipping, slayers, spiritualism, star trek, stargate sg1, stephen r. donaldson, symbols, tarot, terry brooks, toronto, travel, tree of life, utena, video games, wheel of time, wisdom, women, yaoi, yuri
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