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Below is user information for Drowning in your awe. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:to_infatuate (706302)
Name:Drowning in your awe
Location:Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
AOL IM:xbaffledx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:This is the end result of so many meetings. In late night diners with no one eating. We sit in corners and sip burnt coffee. Count the tiles upon the ceiling. Skip this pretense and cut straight to dying. But don't beg me to keep your eyes from crying. You said so much without even parting your lips. It's past 3AM and im still far from sleep. And this is a habit that I can't break. My only company are skipping stones. And this streetlight flickers like this match in my head. Begging to strike ; begging to strike. She keeps asking "Do you think it hurts much to die?" Its hurting so much more to stay alive now. Shes gonna find out how much it hurts to die. She laced her perfume up with death. I feel it in my lungs. So I pull in the deepest breath and drop my head...
Interests:47: adaptation, aerosmith, alkaline trio, american history x, apathy, atreyu, bayside, blink 182, britney spears, cats, christmas lights, coldplay, compassion, cursive, dead poetic, depeche mode, emo, fireworks, fleetwood mac, frank sinatra, from autumn to ashes, garbage, hardcore, in flames, jimmy buffet, led zeppelin, ll cool j, lyrics, music, poison the well, rating communities, sex, silverstein, slipknot, something corporate, sublime, system of a down, the carpenters, the cure, the doors, the guess who, the kinks, the postal service, the smiths, the white octave, the who, thursday
Friends:9: cartman, hurtssomuch, mymatrix, surfacing, toxxic_dork, wakemeupinside0, xprettyinpunkxx, yourxsongx, _awkwardsilence
Friend of:12: cartman, fallenangel26, hurtssomuch, jordiepal, mymatrix, starsofemotion, superxobarbie, surfacing, toxxic_dork, wakemeupinside0, _awkwardsilence, _sugarc0ated
Member of:2: emolyrics, __ohsogorgeous
Account type:Free User

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