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User:tim_arms (87397)
Name:Tim Armstrong
Website:~*Journey To The End*~
Bio:Creator, vocalist, songwriter and guitarist from Rancid, Timothy Lockwood Armstrong was raised in Albany, CA, where he knew Matt Freeman by the age of 5. He has one older brother named Jeff. Tim's father was an alcoholic and Tim had a hard adolescence with alcohol and drugs (see Radio on Let's Go, wrote by Tim and Billie Joe from Green Day), but with a big help from Jeff and Matt, he is now free. He likes to ride his BMX (the one you see in Ruby Soho video) and to listen to his dozens of The Clash albums. He and Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) are NOT relatives, just very good friends from Gilman St. Club, where they used to play a lot before signing to Epitaph. Some years ago Tim and Brett Gurewitz founded the Hellcat Records. He got married in 1998 to his longtime girlfriend Brody, who also plays guitar (in The Distillers).

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