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Below is user information for from the mouth of a girl like me. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tigerlemon (492477)
Name:from the mouth of a girl like me
Location:st. petersburg, Florida, United States
AOL IM:wiredgeisha (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:woman_in_bloom (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Lemmy, a girl. 23 years old. almost 24, but don't remind her. pining for her youth.
resides in the sunshine state (that is anything but) with her transgendered lover, Shion, and thier 3 cats- Mo, Marlene, and Magic. she gives them voices.

yes i often talk about myself as though i am another person. i have high self esteem (huge ego, mucho inflated). i am easily amused and i hate things like conformity, routine, and organized religion.

and dont tell anyone... but... i was raised in a lil hick farming town in missouri... shhhhh.

the definition of Shion, neither he nor she, femininity and laughter. always touching, playing, taking apart. always soft and warm. always thoughtful and intense. she bakes cookies and catches lizards.
Interests:149: 3berry icecream, 50s doowop, 50s prom dresses, 80s electro, absurdity, ai yazawa, anatomy, angelic layer, animals, anime, anne rice, antonio carlos jobim, april march, art books, audrey tautou, baking sweets, barcelona, barefeet, bears, belle and sebastian, billie holiday, bjork, black lingerie, blacktape for a bluegirl, bodies of water, bossa nova, cardcaptor sakura, children at heart, chobits, churning darkness and candlelight, contemporary art, countess bathory, crayons, darkwave, dead can dance, devilman lady, different cultures, drama, emiliana torrini, erotica, experimental music, fantasy art, fashion, fetish, figurine, francoise hardy, free will, fruits, fruits basket, funk, furikuri, geisha, gentle waves, goldfrapp, haibane renmei, hayao miyazaki, headphones, hedonism, hentai, illuminati, individuality, iran, japanese street fashion, jazz, john corbett, junko mizuno, kareshi kanojyo no jijyo, kodomo no omocha, ladytron, laughing, leon, literature, lolita, loud sex, love in vein, lovecraft, luminousity, making mixtapes, malice mizer, marquis de sade, massive attack, meat, miles davis, milla jovovich, mimi goese, mirah, miss kittin, monkies, mum, muslimgauze, mythology, nature vs technology, neko, niea_7, nina simone, noir, obsession, octopus, od'ing on love, of montreal, parliament, passion, peaches, persephone's bees, pirates, poetry, portishead, psychology, puccini, raging storms, random giggle fits, read or die, red, rhea's obsession, ron weasley, rzewski aebi lacy, salvadore dali, scorpios, sensuality, serge gainsbourg, sex, sexuality, sigur rós, sixty-nine love songs, smell of old books, smoky nightclubs, soulmates, spicy food, spiritualism, squid, stan getz, surealism, sushi, tablas, talvin singh, tentacles, the dictionary, the internet, the pillows, thievery corporation, transgenderism, trip hop, twee, ugly-sexy, utena, vespers, violently happy, yaoi & yuri, ye-ye
Friends:10: aphrodites, art_groupie, auteur, dungeonmaster, grimm, inugamicircus, i_saw_it, newzerokanada, vitaminless, wildchildcries
Friend of:5: aphrodites, auteur, dungeonmaster, inugamicircus, rynchan
Member of:1: listmania
Account type:Free User

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