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Below is user information for Sarah Jane. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:thursdaysenvy (182407)
Name:Sarah Jane
Website:My LiveJournal..~!
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
AOL IM:burnt toast x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:sundaypassion_x (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:xxbutterflywingsxx
Bio:I am me, & that is that. Take me as I am or don't take me at all!
Interests:150: a walk to remember, air force, amélie, animal crackers, army, babies, ballerinas, ballet, beavis and butthead, beverly hills 90210, big red gum, bisexuality, black and white photography, blankets, boston celtics, bubbles, bush, butterflies, candles, candy, care bears, cats, cherries, chocolate, cinnamon, claude monet, clouds, coast guard, coffee, confusion, crayola crayons, crazy/beautiful, crying, daisies, daniel bedingfield, david gray, dr. phil, dreams, eeyore, emotions, europe, evanescence, eyes, felicity, fight club, fish, flirting, forrest gump, france, french kisses, fresh cut grass, friends, frozen yogurt, getting letters, glitter, godsmack, goo goo dolls, gymnastics, hands, hanging by a moment, holding hands, holding someone close, hugs, ice age, indulgence, inside jokes, insomnia, jeff, journals, kidd kraddick, kisses, kissing, korn, late night phone calls, leona neass, leonardo dicaprio, lifehouse, lilo and stitch, lip gloss, long talks, looking out windows, lost and delirious, love, love songs, making love, mangos, marines, men, military, miracles, monsters inc., moon, moonlight sonata, navy, nicknames, ocd, one fine day, painting, paris, passion, perfection, picnics, pillow talk, pink, poetry, porn, pretty in pink, purple, red, rolie polie olie, romeo and juliet, running fingers through hair, say anything..., sex, sherbert, shoe store smell, sixteen candles, sky, sma, smoothies, sno-cones, snow, snow globes, sock puppets, sorbet, soul-mates, spain, spongebob squarepants, st. elmo's fire, stars, stephen, stuffed animals, sugar, sundays, tears, the 80's, the breakfast club, the corrs, the osbournes, thinking about him, tinkerbell, tulips, vanilla, volkswagen beetles, whispers, white chocolate, winter, wishes, women, writing
Friends:5: boycrazygrl747, deify, liltih_succubi, may_be, trixiegrrrl
Friend of:2: may_be, trixiegrrrl
Member of:16: addmedamnit, become_hopeless, bisexual, bi_girls_rock, blank_page, chicklettes, comment_whore, giirls_, girls_club, lovehurts, love_hurts, movie_indulgers, the_romantic, unsent, unspoken_truth, we_cry_to_much
Account type:Early Adopter

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