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Below is user information for thuggishbabygurl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:thugprincess (30086)
Location:The Ville, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:Usedtaluvu (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:smg_fan4life (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:timberlandteenager
Bio:My name iz Dee aka Dee Jay ... duchess ... sweetness ... Dc Sweetz ... Lil one n other namez like that ... I do wut i do ... I write ... I dance I sing... I freestyle ... I chill ... Jus like everybody else ... I have 5 brotherz n 2 sisters.... I have somewut adopted a lil sister name Christina n I love her to death .... I have a Girl... I love her more than anything in this world ... and thats all I wanna say!

Not feelin at all:
haters, hate, ignorance, fake azz thugs, smokers (dont ya know that shit stinks?), gump azz niggaz, Niggaz who talk too much shit, bitches who feel they always got a right to jump in shit, niggaz who pop off at the mouth without something relevant to say, cosignerz ( damn mind ur fuckin business)

I'm feelin
all music except country lol .... i do the rap n gogo thing though ... ne sports you name i'm feelin... the color babyblue .... thas my number one color ... jordans.... air force ones.... tha ville.... Northeast D.C.... Alicia keys .... Raw blue... Rocawear.... Enyce... Timberlands.... my money... hustling.... singing.... Tha Rom Crew.... Chrissi my lil sis lol .... bein in love .... shoppin ... spendin money.... Skyy Blue .... Greggie..... Reggae.... Dancing.... Drinkin .... Partyin ... Drivin.... Fightin... Gucci.... Prada....

Interests:82: aaliyah, angelina jolie, apple juice, babyblue, bacardi silver, backyard band, baseball, basketball, battling, beat boxing, bein a horny teenager, being class of 2003, being in love, being myself, being on varsity basketball, biggie, bikes, boxing, boys, bracelets, breakin, cd's, cell phones, chillin, chrissi, christina aguilera, clubbing, competitions, computers, cruel intentions, crunchs, dirt bikes, drums, fighting, football, four wheelers, freestyling, gettin in trouble, greggie, hats, hockey, honesty, ice skating, jay z, jessie, kerry, life, lil kim, meeting people, men, monica, mopeds, movies, music videos, nickz, niggas, nikki, partying, people, playin pool, poppin, ps2, rollerblading, romlon, sarah michelle gellar, shay, shootin dice, silver, sit ups, skates, skittles, skyy blue, smirnoff ice, softball, some cops, talent shows, tha ville, throwin hands, tupac, ucb, video games, writing
Friends:10: ashburnzfordee, babii_dolla, bo0tiful_singer, escos_wifey, gangstakiszez, hiaslilprincess, illest_shortii, xoxoxo702, _bunnii, _skyy_blue_4u
Friend of:9: ashburnzfordee, ballerific, bo0tiful_singer, escos_wifey, gangstakiszez, hiaslilprincess, xoxoxo702, _bunnii, _skyy_blue_4u
Account type:Early Adopter

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