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Below is information about the "This Pop Life RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:this_pop_life (5439)  
Name:This Pop Life RPG
Website:Disclaimer and Info

this_pop_life was created and is maintained by pop_life_mods.

Before you try and join, be sure to read this entire page, it has all of the information you need to join as well as all of the rules. Everyone must follow the rules. It's only fair!

If you need assistance from a mod, please leave a comment at pop_life_mods. Someone will get back to you asap.

None of the journals are written by actual celebrities.
All are maintained by writers and are only a game.
We mean no libel, harm, misrepresentation, malice or copyright infringement.
This is a fantasy, purely fictional in nature.

Please read all of the rules. If you do not follow the rules, you will be removed from the community at our discretion. It's just common sense and respect for others really.
Please note that we usually give a character one warning, but if they break the rules again they will be removed.

1. The community is a closed community and we have a very specific method of adding people. You must follow all of the guidelines listed below to be added. No exceptions.

2. If you join multiple communities that are not related to this_pop_life you will be removed.

3. No duplicates. Join as someone who isn't taken. If you need an idea, check the taken characters post in pop_life_mods.

4. All characters must be over age 18. Sorry to all the younger folks.

5. Please limit your posts in the community journal. We're trying to keep it as clean as possible. So, only maintainer posts and introductory posts should be posted in the community journal. If you have an OOC issue, please leave a comment on the appropriate post in pop_life_mods.

6. Post in your journals. Journals that are inactive for 1 week will be removed from the community and replaced. Activity is checked every Monday. But please don't make duplicate posts in your personal journal and in the community journal. And please have some content in your posts. Don't just spam away with pointless posts about how you are lurking.

7. Please type coherently. Please type in complete sentences or something like them. Don't type in giant paragraphs because they are so difficult to read! PlEaSe dOn'T tYpE lIkE tHiS!! N pleze dont type lyke this eythr. Just use normal spelling and type out entire words. We also ask that you use capital letters and punctuation.

8. Please do not post surveys and quizzes. Do not post numerous pictures either. It's just common courtesy. Please do not post ads for other RPGs in the community, whether it is in the community journal or a character journal. Really, that's just rude.

9. And the question on everyone's mind: slash is allowed. We're a slash friendly community.

10. Be realistic, please. It's roleplay, but let it have some basis in reality. For example, if your character is pregnant, please have the pregnancy last at least 2 - 3 months before the babies are born. You don't have to wait the full 9 months, but give it some time! And please do not kill your characters off. That's no fun! Note: Even though we're trying to play realistically, if your character is in a relationship in real life that you don't want to have in the game, you don't have to have it! Yay! So, if you're someone like Brian Littrell or Sarah Michelle Gellar, you don't actually have to be married. Unless you want to be, of course. So reality with a bit of an AU twist really.

11. Please note that all relationships in this_pop_life may not jive with the real-life relationships of the celebrities portrayed. If you join as a new character, please respect the relationships that are already established in this game. Feel free to chat with writers OOC about relationships. We reccomend talking OOC. Communication is the key!

12. If you have your posts friends-locked, please add all members of the community to your friends list! It is very frustrating to be trying to comment on a character's journal and find you are unable to do so because they haven't added you.

13. If you have an OOC conflict, keep it there. Don't bring it IC. If you need help resolving an issue, contact a maintainer. You can contact a mod by leaving a comment at pop_life_mods.

14. Have fun!

+How To Join
If you follow the guidelines below like a checklist, you should find it very easy to become an active member of this_pop_life!

1. Look at the current member journals, as well as the taken characters post in pop_life_mods and select a character who is not taken.

Please note: We are no longer accepting characters under the age of 18. We are also no longer accepting relatives and friends, animals, or animated characters.

2. Get a journal that will be used only for this community. Please choose a journal name that has something to do with the celebrity you wish to portray.

3. Add a link to this_pop_life to your journal. This will serve as your disclaimer. Please do this in the area provided by blurty so it appears on your journal. If the link does not appear on the mainpage of your journal, you will not be added.

4. Add this_pop_life to your friends list. If you do not do this, you will not be added.

5. Get an AIM name for your character. Please choose a name that has something to do with the celebrity you wish to portray. You will not be added to the community without an AIM name.

6. Make an initial post in your journal. It can be about anything, but it should be at least few lines long to give us an idea about your writing style. We suggest typing up a little bit about your character. This is just to give us an idea of how you type in journals and how you are planning to portray your celebrity. If you do not have an intial post in your journal, you will not be added.

7. Now you are so close! Visit pop_life_mods and leave a comment with the following information:
+Character Name:
+Character Age:
+Journal Name:
+AIM Name:

If you've followed all of these steps, you are on your way to becoming a part of this_pop_life! Congratulations on making it this far! Once we get your comment we will look over everything and hopefully get you added to the community.
Interests:24: celeb rpg, celebrities, cheese, coupons, french fries, hula hoops, jammies, kittens, monkeys, music, pixie sticks, pop, pop culture, rainbow brite, red currants, riding elephants, role playing, role playing games, roleplay, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, spongebob squarepants, violins
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