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User:thirdchild (117409)
Location:Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, United Kingdom
Name: Will
Nationality: Swedish and Italian.
Lineage: Five Children
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 29
Age: 4/16
House: Hufflepuff
Year of Schooling: Sixth
Wand: 9 ½ inches, Cherry wood, Moonstone.
Broomstick: Nimbus 2001

Will is tall, he’s 6'1 and taller than many students his age. He’s got dark black hair which is usually spiked, unless he’s feeling lazy and doesn’t pick his wand up to spike it. He’s got mesmerizing black eyes with just a tint of light blue in them. He always wears his Hufflepuff robes and sports the black and yellow. He does have some muscle, being that he is very involved with Quidditch and plays at least once every other day. Quidditch is something he can’t live without.

Will is a cautious, quiet, and observant kind of person. He keeps to himself and sometimes almost seems like a robot. He pretty much does everything he’s supposed to, just because he’s got nothing else to do. He doesn’t socialize with many people because he doesn’t really know how to trust anyone.

[still pending with this, I may add more...]

Will enjoys learning about the Wizarding World, especially the Dark Arts. He can’t stand Transfiguration or Herbology, but his favorites subject are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. He does well in all of his subjects, despite his disliking for a few of them.

Will has skipped from family to family, not staying with anyone for over a few months. He always needs change, and especially with the few times he’s stayed with Muggles, he can’t take others telling him what to do. He needs to be free from everyone and able to do what he chooses to. Because of this, Will spends his time homeless, living on the streets, until he goes to Hogwarts.

Five Children
Throughout the wizarding world, there is a myth, a legend, a prophecy of the coming of the Five Children, a collective title for five extraordinary young witches and wizards born at a time of great destruction. Rumored to wield magic of unspeakable power, the five are said to be quite a formidable force when combined, perhaps even possessing enough strength to defeat the Dark Lord himself. However, do such beings truly exist, and if they do, will they side with the good, the evil, or will they choose to remain entirely within a dangerous and terrifying league of their own?

Will likes animals. He’s not a fanatic, or a lover, really, but he does like having pets. He likes the fact that you can talk to it, and it’ll listen, and not criticize you on what you say. That’s why he has his owl, Liddy. Liddy is a beautiful black owl with alluring yellowish-green eyes. She is only about a year old, but Will adores her.

Indepth Synopsis

[This is just an RP. I'm not really Will.]
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