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Below is information about the "For Anyone Who Wants To Be Thin And Healthy Too" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:thinandhealthy (939118)
Name:For Anyone Who Wants To Be Thin And Healthy Too
Website:The Moderators

This community is dedicated to supporting and helping its members to be thin, healthy, and happy. We welcome anyone who strives to be thin and fit while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This community promotes healthy, achievable, sustainable methods of weight loss and weight maintenance. If you're looking for diet tips, exercise advice, healthy recipes, nutritional information, or just a bit of support, this is the community for you!

What you do in your private journals and other communites is up to you, but posts made in this community must abide by the rules:

*This site is NOT pro-ed, pro-ana or pro-mia, and the moderator(s) will not tolerate the glorification of potentially destructive behaviors including eating disorders, fasts, dieting competitions, or other similarly dangerous behavior. Please do not use the abbreviations 'ana' and 'mia'.

*This community does not support the use of group diets, fasts, diet pills, laxatives, or illegal substances, and posts and comments relating to these topics will not be permitted.

*Posts and comments that encourage dangerous or destructive behavior will not be tolerated in this community.

*Healthy thinspiration pictures (no emaciated models) may be posted under a lj-cut (see below).

*Sensible weight stats may be posted under a lj-cut (No goal BMIs below 19).

*Be cautious with calorie counts, other members may be upset by low numbers, lj-cut please.

*If you are unsure if something you want to post may be triggering to vulnerable members, put it under a lj-cut with a warning. Remember - strange, STRANGE things can trigger!

*Be extra nice, no bashing other members.

*If you post a recipe - please use the name of the recipe as the subject of your post - It makes it easier to find afterwards.

*This community is open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to be thin and healthy! You don't have to have already accomplished these goals to join!

*Anyone is welcome to join, it would be nice if you could introduce yourself when you join - but you don't have to say anything you don't want to - there really is no pressure here.

*This community is intended to be supportive place to achieve and maintain healthy weight goals. So please, KEEP IT POSITIVE!!!

*IN SUMMARY: ALL numbers/stats (even if they are normal/good) must be posted under a lj-cut. Keep the spirits up - this is a happy place. You must promise not to get offended if someone asks you to lj-cut something. Remember: If in doubt, lj-cut it out!

How to do a lj-cut: FAQ - under section 3

Now get posting!

Interests:119: 5 a day, acceptance, advice, aerobics, anorexia, anorexia nervosa, anorexia recovery, anti-saturated fats, appearance, ballet, beautiful, beauty, being happy, being healthy, binge-eating, body, breaking the cycle, bulimia, bulimia nervosa, bulimia recovery, calories, cleansing, compulisve eating, cooking, dance, detox, dietetics, dietician, diets, disordered eating, drinking water, eating disorder recovery, eating disorders, eating right, eating sensibly, etc, exercise, exercising, fiber, fitness, food, fruit, fun, glowing, good fats, green tea, gyms, happiness, happy, health, healthy bowels, healthy eating, healthy food, healthy tips, healthy weight loss, help, ideas, jogging, laughing, lean, life, living, looking hot, loving your body, loving yourself, low fat, low gi, maintaining, maintenance, meal plans, minerals, muscles, normal, nutrition, nutritionalist, obesity, organic, overcoming anorexia, overcoming anything, overcoming binge-eating, overcoming bulimia, overcoming depression, overeating, overweight, pilates, positive body image, protein, real, recipes, recovery, running, salads, self harm, sexy, skin, smoothies, stretching, structured eating, supplements, support, tea, thinness, toning, veg, vegan recipes, vegetarianism, veggies, vitamins, walking, water, weight issues, weight lifting, weight loss, weight watchers, well being, women, work outs, working out, yoga
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