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Below is user information for Dins. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:thickdr0ps (128049)
Location:Staten Island, New York, United States
AOL IM:candiedmisery (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 12345 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:trapped_in_herself (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:eatme
I am Dina, eat me. :D

Interests:144: abandoned pools, adema, afi, alchohal, alternative, aol, autumn, bands, bass guitar, bassists, beanies, bi-sexuals, biting people, black lace, black nail polish, black roses, blink, bondage, books, brandon boyd, burn marks, burning things, bush, butterflies, candles, candy, cheapshot, cheese, chicks, choco, chris, concerts, cookies, cows, cuddling, cutting, default, dolls, dragonflies, dreaming, ducks, faeries, fantasy things, fetishes, finch, fishnet, flirting, garbage, gary the snail, gay guys, girls, glitter, godsmack, gorrillaz, goth, goth poetry, goths, graves, green day, groupies, guitars, guys, guys with hair, hackey-sack, hair dye, hole, hoobastank, howard finster, incubus, insanity, insense, jack off jill, jimmy eat world, kidney thieves, kinkyness, kissing, kittie, kitties, korn, leather, licking, lipstick, lollies, lord of the rings, lunchtime, making-out, malling, melmac, mindless self indulgence, monkeys, moose, morbid things, movies, my arse, my friends, myself, nfg, nicole's bass, nikki's feet, no doubt, noodles, nsn, orange, our lady peace, ozzy, papa roach, patches, piercings, pigtails, pills, pink, pins, pretty eyes, psycho kitties, rain, rammstein, raving, rockfest, role-play, rose petals, scented candles, screaming, skaters, snow, soad, soil, spikes, staind, stars and moons, stephy's hair, striped socks, sugarcult, switchblade symphony, the ring, the used, things that are dark, toe socks, tool, trust company, vampires, velocity, writing, yellowcard, you
Friends:10: brandonb0yd, disinfectant, godhatesusall, morbid_icons, mutatiscradle, raindr0p, sno0py, spangle, sugarxhigh, _incunation
Friend of:10: brandonb0yd, confused_youthx, darkdeath666, disinfectant, expressi0ns, godhatesusall, ir0ckyours0cks, mutatiscradle, raindr0p, xanti_lovex
Member of:2: if_movie_rants, _incunation
Account type:Early Adopter

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