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User:thewriter01 (200221)
Bio:I am a struggling writer, married, no kids (except for the 4 legged variety) and have a warped sense of humor. I love writing, reading, movies, TV, Vin Diesel movies and much more. There are lots of crafts I enjoy doing. I have rheumatoid arthritis since birth (many years ago, but not THAT long ago) and am still able to have a good life. My husband is wonderful, but tends to get on my nerves on occasion. My goal is to be a published author and at least have 10 screenplays made into movies! I am an Orthodox Christian.
Interests:39: abbot and costello, and much, angel, animals, anime, aragorn, brandon frasier, buffy, church, computers, crossing jordan, dvds, fantasy, heroic heroes, james marsters, johnny cash, legolas, lord of the rings, losing weight, movies, much more!, murder mysteries, music, my husband, mysteries, old movies, reading, scary movies, sf, singing, star trek, star wars, stephen king, the mummy movies, the three stooges, vin diesel, whodunits, working out, writing
Friends:1: wataru
Friend of:1: wataru
Member of:2: salems_lot, smokeweed420
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