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User:thespian15 (193679)
Location:United States
Yahoo! ID:jonhayenga (Add User, Send Message)

I was told I needed to update my info, so here goes...

Hi, I am a 50 y/o with a 12y/o mind. I guess I just refuse to grow up yet. I live in a little town in Minnesota. It's great. Even the snow. Not to sure about the drivers around here though.

I am involved with community theaters in the area. I love to act. I have taken the plunge and I have even directed a couple of shows. It was really great, but it would have been better if I had a real budget to work with.

I am a night owl. I have worked the night shift in a hospital for almost 32 years now. I know, I am crazy. I tell everyone I am part vampire. Sun is evil. lol...

I am just looking for friends to fill my life. So far I have been lucky and met some great people.

My Blinkies were found here.
Interests:49: abba, acting, animation, baking, barbra striesand, bbq, ben affleck, brendan fraser, carlson twins, cartoons, cary grant, cher, chocolate, cyndi lauper, democrats, directing, disney, dogs, elizabeth taylor, england, equal rights, fantastic four, figure skating, fleetwood mac, football, gay, heart, history, ian roberts, instinct, madonna, men's gymnastics, movies, musicals, nature, photography, politics, queer as folk, reading, royalty, russia, stevie nicks, superman, teddy bears, television, the peanuts, theater, winnie the pooh, yellowstone nat. park
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Date created:2003-04-12 07:24:36
Date updated:2014-12-16 20:05:50, 5 days ago
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