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Below is user information for julie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:thesonicyouth (492101)  
Location:ballwin, Missouri, United States
Bio:my name is julie and im 20 yrs old. i have three sisters, five dogs, and a mom and dad. i work at walgreens pharmacy and just started going to community college after taking a few years off to recover from high school. im taking 13 hours and i love it sofar. i just have a few close friends but i like that more than a whole lot that i cant keep track of. my favorite book is called the perks of being a wallflower, and i cant remember the name of the author right now. i drive a 96 sl2 saturn, its a really pretty gold color. i like to be by myself alot. im sure ill add more later.
Interests:64: alphabetized interests, american history-x, barbie, chocolate, claire danes, cookies, crimped hair, crossword puzzles, cutting out coupons, david bowie, diamonds, diy stuff, dogs, ebay, email, enemy at the gates, farts, fashion, filter, free kitten, good manners, guitar feedback, gwenyth paltrow, hello kitty,, hoodies, ice cream, jane magazine, jude law, kim gordon, kurt vonnegut, looking at yearbooks, lord of the rings, moulin rouge, my family, my gap trousers, my jackie o sunglasses,, orange juice, pavement, pearls, pete and pete, portishead, radiohead, rainbows, reading, requiem of a dream, romeo + juliet, seeing people dress "weird", shoes, sledding, sleeping, smoke/alcohol/drug-freeness, sonic youth, stereotypes, stickers, straightedge, tetris, thanksgiving, the butthole surfers, the dead milkmen, uncompromising morals, vintage clothing, ween
Friends:6: blood_sugar, glamour_harlot, scarredstar, victorias_sighs, xblackhearts, xsuperkatx
Account type:Free User

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