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User:thesmurf (169376)

ok it usta say something really gay here

so i got rid of it.

fuck this and fuck you too.

i hope i have enlightened you with my bullshit.
have a nice day ...faggots.


All our times have come, Here but now they're gone, Seasons don't fear the reaper, Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain. (We can be like they are.) Come on baby, (Don't fear the Reaper,) Baby take my hand, (Don't fear the Reaper,) We'll be able to fly, (Don't fear the Reaper.) Baby I'm your man. {La la la la la,} {La la la la la.}{Valentine is done,} {Here but now they're gone,} Romeo and Juliet, Are together in eternity. (Romeo and Juliet.) 40,000 men and women everyday, (Like Romeo and Juliet,) 40,000 men and women everyday, (Redefine happiness,) Another 40,000 coming everyday. (We can be like they are.) {Love of two is one,} {Here but now they're gone,} Came the last night of sadness, (And it was clear we couldn't go on,) Then the door was open and the wind appeared, (The candles blew and then disappeared.) The curtains flew and then he appeared. (Saying don't be afraid,) Come on baby, (And we had no fear,) And we ran to him, (Then we started to fly,) We looked backward and said goodbye, (We had become like they are,) We had taken his hand. (We had become like they are.) Come on baby, (Don't fear the reaper,) Dont fear the reaper, (Dont fear the reaper,) Dont fear the reaper, (Dont fear the reaper,) Dont fear the reaper, (Dont fear the reaper,) Dont fear the reaper, (We have become like they are,) Like Romeo and Juliet, (We have become like they are,)...

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To cry is to know that you're alive

But my river of Tears has run dry

I never wanted to fool you, no

But a cold heart is a dead heart

And it feels like I've been buried alive by love

I feel it in your touch

I taste it from your lips

& baby more i love you

i love you jordan
Memories:4 entries
Interests:104: # 199, 40oz., 420, alcohol, bam margera, beer, billabong, blue man group, bmx, brother bear, budweiser, butterfly effect, camp kill yourself, cky, coors, corona, css, dancing, dc shoe co., ddr, disturbed, element skateboards, empire records, etnies, ewan mcgregor, fear and loathing, fight club, fightclub, finding nemo, gin, glow sticks, guns 'n roses, guns and roses, h.i.m., heavy metal, him, his infernal majesty, icon_makers, icons, independent, jack skellington, jackass, jay, jay & bob, jay & silent bob, jay and silent bob, kandy kid, kegs, korn, layout_help, leonardo dicaprio, lestat, lestat the vampire, lighters, linkin park, liquor, mike'd hard lemonade, mindless self indulgence, moto-x, moulin rouge, msi, nightmare before christmas, peircings, poi, queen of the damned, quicksilver, rachel, rave, rave music, rave poi, raver, raves, raving, roxy, rum, shaun white, sherry, shopping carts, skateboarding, skaters, skating, slc punk, slc punk!, smurf, smurfs, snowboarding, sponge bob, supercross, superpipe, swimming, system of a down, tarzan, the blue man group, the smurfs, travis pastrana, tyler durden, vans, ville valo, vodka, volatile, volcom, whiskey, wine, x-games
Friends:51: andrewscross, band_icons, blinx, blurty_marriage, c6k6y6, campkilla, candybunch, chadginsburg, cky_alliance, claim_a_dumbass, claim_ppl, codepink, contagious, ddr, dead_glitter, disturbed_dave_, disturbed_psyco, fightclub, funeralofhearts, garden_of_eden, gethitched, gottalovejohnny, haggard_bam, hartsy2427, heartagram, icons_, jackassness, jackass_cky, krisluvsmariel, kritter, learning2skate, marrr, no0oelle, orionne, p_wordshoes, sex_upp, shar_y, sk8rgrrl, skateboarders, skateemerica, skater_god, thelilemu, theredroom, uknowuthatmeanz, united_punx, world_of_rachel, wvmurderdollvw, xposterchildx, xzerosk8, _loki, __m_s_i__
Friend of:9: buddyoda, campkilla, dead_glitter, jasonsweeney, no0oelle, skater_god, thelilemu, uknowuthatmeanz, xposterchildx
Member of:19: blurty_marriage, cky_alliance, claim_a_dumbass, claim_ppl, ddr, ewanish, fightclub, funeralofhearts, garden_of_eden, gethitched, haggard_bam, heartagram, icons_, jackassness, jackass_cky, nicolefans, skateboarders, theredroom, world_of_rachel
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