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Below is information about the "Better the Devil You Know..." community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:theseventhyear (43960)
Name:Better the Devil You Know...
About:As Voldemort grows stronger, panic spreads throughout the worldwide wizarding community. At Hogwarts, fewer students return this year than ever before, with even fewer first years. Steadily as He gains strength, other schools close down, transfers flocking to Scotland's Hogwarts. Now strange events are happening about the school, causing school wide paranoia. The Ministry has finally declared war on the Dark Lord, after he managed to take over several wizarding cities all over the world. Now the British Defenses are increasing their offensive forces all over and the war draws closer and closer.

As the months left to the school year dwindle and diminish by the day, the Dark Lord's reaches grow farther and wider, bit by bit nearing the United Kingdom itself. It is only a matter of time until Hogwarts too will find itself under siege. It is becoming one of the last remaining strongholds against Him… or is it? There are those who walk in the shadows with the Dark Lord and they lurk within the school grounds. As a result with the student deaths increasing, Ministry officials are being sent in to investigate these mysterious circumstances that are befalling the supposed "sanctuary".

Students are finding that they don't know who to trust. Is anyone really as they seem? The time is coming where they are going to have to decide which path they will follow. The Last War is about to start.

After reading the rules, to join this RPG all you need do is check the list of characters we are looking for (By Clicking Here) and following the instructions provided.

Rules for the Game:
-All canon characters are open except for Albus Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Fleur Delacour (deceased). The only students we are accepting are replacement students for players who have left our community and Hufflepuff boys. Please refer to our list for suggestions and ideas.

-The moderators are allowed to play any background characters of a community, in order to keep the plot moving. If someone would like to play that character they may ask the moderators if they are willing to release that character, however it is up to the moderator. Any NPC (Not Player Controlled) character played under the moderator usernames that are NOT Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort are also options for joining members (or members considering taking on another character).

-For a list of characters you can see this list of former and current Hogwarts students, check out: (Harry Potter Lexicon)

-If you are playing an alumni (even if they are from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang), please notify the moderator of where you would like to be (Are you now a Death Eater? Have you joined the Ministry? Etc). This way we can help you find a job for your character or perhaps direct you in a way that will also help to move the plot along.

-If you are an active member of our community (i.e. your character(s) post frequently AND are active participant(s) in threads during our real time week—this does NOT mean your character makes a cameo walk-in in every available thread) you may take on as many characters as you feel you are able to handle. However we do request that you post just as frequently with any new characters you take on as you had with the old and that you don’t neglect any of them.

-If your character is canon please stay within the confines of the character parameters. Certain characters come from certain financial backgrounds therefore we ask you to please keep that in consideration while RPing. For example, Ginny Weasley would not have an invisibility cloak that her father bought for her the day before. Remember you are all not Mary Poppins with her hold all bag of infinity!

-You must have a Blurty journal made especially for your character. You personal character journals is just that, a journal. Any commenting and RPing here should be in the form of owl posts. However we also realize that certain journals are private entries or entries written for certain people's eyes only. Please give these journals the proper notations or make a cut-away tag to save from general confusion--otherwise players will interpret it as a "public" journal posting that's open to comments from anyone. There is now a separate journal for Owl Posts because we realize that Blurty’s Free Users can only have 10 listed friends and are not able to add everyone in the community to their friend’s list and that not everyone checks Hogwarts’ Friends Lists for journal updates. Please make sure the Owl Posts is on your friends lists.

-You must update your journal or the community journals at least twice a week or every two weeks under special circumstances (i.e. Finals, Illness, Holidays). If you are inactive for more than a two weeks without notifying a moderator first you will be given one week’s warning before you are removed from the community altogether. In regards to the one week’s grace period please however also note that starting a thread but NOT responding to it does NOT count as posting (unless it is a journal entry). When you start a thread we expect you play an active role in it. If you do not respond to the said started post by noon (PST) the day after you were to be removed you WILL be removed.

-There are several community journals. Only certain characters can roleplay
in certain journals. For example, only Hogwarts teachers and students can play in the Hogwarts journal. All public roleplaying (action-interaction) should happen in these journals.

-Adult RPing is welcome but posts must be marked with the appropriate warning/rating.

-Slash is permitted even if it is a waste of good genes. We have some very… quirky (to say the very least) character pairings so don’t be shy.

-No player can kill or maim another character without the player’s consent. This also extends to character pets. Please keep in mind however that when fighting/dueling/brawling each character WILL (realistically) take character damage. These students/teachers/officials/others may be nasty little things however they ARE only Human (or half-human in certain cases) and they can be wounded. Damage should also be congruent to the character’s own personal strength and physique. For example Harry Potter may be the Boy Who Lived however in a fist fight against Gregory Goyle he may not fair to well. Conversely, we can assume that Gregory Goyle may not stand up too well against Harry Potter’s spells. Please don’t fret over any damage dealt to your character though… this is a Wizarding world and there are a great many potions and such to make your characters’ darling little faces just as beautiful as they were before.

-If you wish to kill off (for some reason or another) a NPC please speak with the moderators first. You will have to give us a good concrete reason why you feel the need to kill off the said NPC, so please, think of a reason before announcing that you are going to kill them off.

-Please keep IC disputes IC and OOC disputes OOC. We want to make this a happy community. Certain characters are aggressive and mean-tempered but they are being played IC so please don’t take personal offense.

-If you are having troubles with your characters’ direction or perhaps your character is looking for romance, come talk to the mods for ideas or perhaps get in contact with one of the other players (in regards for romance, ect.) to talk it out. For more on player contact information please click here and scroll to the bottom. We are all friendly people, we won’t bite.

-Due to the fact that the Last War is quickly approaching, if for some reason you want your character to, for example, rally the trolls and evil first years to storm the castle, PLEASE notify the mods beforehand! Though our storyline is rather loose and we encourage character development we do have (believe it or not) a few plots and plans and tricks up our sleeves so we request that you notify us before making any grandiose action.

Wow that's a lot of rules. Hope you're not discouraged!

Character Info and Player contact information, and other such items can be found here: Game Info

The always-in-progress Timeline can be found here: Timeline

ATTENTION: If a character is crossed out, that means they are deceased.

Seventh Years
* Lavender Brown

* Seamus Finnigan

* Hermione Granger

* Neville Longbottom
* Parvati Patil

* Harry Potter

* Dean Thomas

* Ron Weasley

Sixth Years
* Colin Creevey

* Florentina de Drago

* Rhiannon Graham

* Julian Montague

* Dimitri Navon

* Tereza Navon

* Taylor Novak

* Paige Remmington

* Ginny Weasley

Fifth Years
* David Donavan

* Ethan Jones

* Ruby Letum

* Dante Moriarty

Fourth Years
* Dennis Creevey

* Gabrielle Delacour

* Emma Dobbs

* Natalie McDonald

Seventh Years
* Hannah Abbott

* Susan Bones

* Michael Corner

* Justin Finch-Fletchley

* Wayne Hopkins

* Beth Goddard

* Megan Jones

* Ernie Macmillan

* Eloise Midgen

* Darcy ÓRiain

* Eryn ÓRiain

* Sally-Ann Perks

* Zorya Wyndham

Sixth Years
* Leon Pierrot

Fifth Years
* Sebastian Rivieria

* Sancho Salvadore

Fourth Years
* Eleanor Branstone

Seventh Years
* Kat Adams

* Terry Boot

* Mandy Brocklehurst

* Stephan Cornfoot

* Kevin Entwhistle

* Anthony Goldstein

* Su Li

* Morag MacDougal

* Fiona Moon

* Padma Patil

* Lisa Turpin

Sixth Years
* Eric Elliot

* Luna Lovegood

* Jishirou Masao

* Sydney Sterling

* Giovanni Valentino

Fifth Years

* Mariposa Dolonov

* Kirsten Stoltz

Fourth Years
* Orla Quirke

Seventh Years
* Millicent Bulstrode

* Tracey Davis

* Gabriel Higgs

* Alida Lestrange

* Christos Lestrange

* Draco Malfoy

* Trixie Nott

* Pansy Parkinson

* Marco Silvia

* Blaise Zabini

* Apollo Zeno

Sixth Years
* Laurence Capulet

* Seth Rookwood

* Nathaniel Rosier

* Zoe Rosier-McDonald

* Kaguya Windsor

Fifth Years
* Rachel Abbott

* Jennifer Harris

* Renae Pierrot

* Jaclyn Zabini

Fourth Years
* Malcolm Baddock

* Graham Pritchard

* Denise Zabini


* Athena

* Orpheus

* Pandora

* Thanatos

* James Baker (Muggle Studies)

* Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster - mods)

* Tomas Nott (Ancient Runes)

* Severus Snape (Potions)

* Remus Lupin (DADA)

* Celestine Sinistra (Astronomy)

* Calista Vector (Arithmancy)

Ministry Officials:
Death Eater/Dark Leaning
* Liam Bell

* Lucas Davies

* Roger Davies

* Marcus Flint

* Kael Krostofos

* Kismet Krostofos

* Lucius Malfoy

* Randall Parkinson

* Zane Rookwood

* Percy Weasley

* Warde Windsor

Hero/Light Leaning
* Katie Bell

* Sirius Black

* Pilar Burke

* Penelope Clearwater

* Jane Fairfield

* Kingsley Shacklebolt

* Alicia Spinnet

* Shira Tennouji

* Nymphadora Tonks

* Arthur Weasley

* Charlie Weasley

* Jade Winters

* Laverne de Drago

* Elizabeth Remmington

* Sarah Sparrow


* Desiree

* Jeannie

* Meghan

* Natasha

* Rain

Death Eaters/Dark Leaning
* Benedict Abbott

* Lena Abbott

* Armenti

* Carlotta Avarello-Avery

* Sidonia Avarello-Avery

* Vedette Avarello-Avery

* Belladonna de Drago

* Antonio Dolonov

* Terence Higgs

* Rodolphus Lestrange

* Bellatrix Lestrange

* Narcissa Malfoy

* Seigfried Navon

* Nyneve

* Bianca Parkinson

* Peter Pettigrew

* Augustus Rookwood

Hero/Light Leaning
* Bridget Finnigan

* Malone Finnigan

* Lee Jordan

* Dayita Patil

* Sukumar Patil

* Bill Weasley

* Fred Weasley

* George Weasley

* Molly Weasley

* Oliver Wood

* Ian Bryne

* Cho Chang

* Celeste Corner

* Anna Davies

* Christine de Drago

* Christopher de Drago

* Selpheen de Drago

* Marietta Edgecombe

* Viktor Krum

* Rita Skeeter

* Grace Summerby-Invisibum

* Ferris Summers

House Elves
* Dobby

* Kreacher

Game Areas:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

Ministry of Magic

The Burrow

Diagon Alley

Knockturn Alley


Owl Post



This journal is part of a non-profit roleplaying community and is
not intended to be taken literally as the character portrayed. I am in no way
associated with the owners of the intellectual property the character belongs
to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do I pretend to own any part
of said property, trademarks or characters. This journal may be subject to
permanent suspension without notice at the request of the real person,
trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof.
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