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Below is user information for Theresa Bradtke. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:theresa (89852)  
Name:Theresa Bradtke
Website:My Site!!!
Location:Frankfort, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:sumbodyzangel181 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey! My name iz Theresa Bradtke, a.k.a. There's a B. Medeorite Bush (Which we can't remember how I got that), Fun Size, T, Tdog, and Mother Theresa. I'm the wonderful Sweet 16 and I can't wait until I get my driverz license!!! SOON!!! Also my birthday iz October 26th so u better put that on ur calendar. FRANKFORT ILLINOIS IZ THE SHIZ!!! but now I'm at Culver Academies and I hate it! I really don't like it. So my parentz are Big Meaniez!!! I have Brown Eyez, and I really can't say what my hair color iz... lol if u know u can tell me. My sign iz the Sex Goddess, Scorpio lol... 0:oD. My favorite song iz Pretty Gurl by Sugarcult because it iz sooo true. My favorite movie iz the 2nd Lord of the Ringz Movie cause Gollum, or Smeigal iz the most ADORABLE thing EVER!!! I jus wanna take him home!!! Again, Sooooo cute!!! I'm taken by the most wonderful guy in the world!!! :oD. I got one bro named Paulie, which iz way too much to handle. We don't have any pets except for paulie'z mouse, which doesn't have a name, cause itz jus gonna die in a couple weekz. My favorite Wrestler iz Edge and the Rock! I play Lacrosse!!! INDIANA STATE CHAMPIONS!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! But now I'm on the swim team. My bestest Friendz are Laura, Alyssa, Bianca, and Sonalee... The coolest gurlz in the world and I kick myself cause I can't be more like them. Brad, Brian, Jin, Jim, Nick, Jason, STEVE, Sammy, I love u guyz!!!
Interests:7: bikeing, cheese, computers, dvds, mp3s, snow skiing, women.....
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:19: babiblondeea, babii_kir, darkangel29039, insanenluvable, keetabug518, litbrat07, nowayjose, pimphim4lyf8143, pnkprncess522, princesspam, sexyasschick05, sugakisses, sugarspice315, sweetg69, swindilin788, tia24, tweetylover, volcombaby1990, __nicole__
Account type:Early Adopter

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