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Below is information about the "Moulin Rouge fans" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:theredroom (102498)
Name:Moulin Rouge fans
About:Welcome to theredroom, Blurty's only community for Moulin Rouge!

Community Rules:
1. Stay on topic. This is a "duh" rule.
2. Don't spam with irrelevant posts. If you want to advertise your own community, if it's related to Moulin Rouge, you may do it once. Any further advertisement will be deleted.
3. If you're posting pictures or quiz results, use an lj-cut. It's common courtesy for those who have slower connections.
4. Type as maturely as possible, please.
5. In relation to number 4, don't use annoying HTML. The marquee code and anything else annoying like it is BANNED.
6. In relation to rules 4 and 5: this community is for all ages now, but if we have problems with either of the above rules, this might be changed. Keep this in mind.
7. Free users who are under 18 are NOT ALLOWED in this community. If you are under 18 and have a free user account, you are not allowed to be on Blurty at all. If you are found in this community, you will be banned and reported to the Abuse Team.
8. I, alcyone, am the maintainer. I have the authority, and I will use it. If you have a problem with authority, you just might be banned. You can't say I didn't warn you.

That being said, the most important thing about this community is to have fun. ^^ So, on with the show!
Interests:20: absinthe, baz luhrmann, beauty, france, freedom, green fairy, jim broadbent, john leguizamo, kylie minogue, love, moulin rouge, movie musicals, movies, musicals, nicole kidman, paris, richard roxburgh, satine, the red room, truth
Members:38: absolutpixie, alcyone, ambrosiad, artemesia, ashleyann, bubbleduckiez07, cannedllamas, cheeky_chef, cheeseygoodness, cowcrazy, dumb_girl, ghaleon, judibooty, kates, lilgenie87x, luvmyorpheus, medicjulie, missizzy, moviemaniac, mrsnoahwyle, noir_eva, nooneswife, paulie, polkydotlight, putainfromage, saraghina, silentdream, silentmoon101, sometimesangel, sounusual, thesmurf, uniquely_lit, whitexroses, x0_show_me_love, xbabygirl1114x, xmoulinrougex, zucchini85, _muse
Watched by:23: alcyone, ambrosiad, ashleyann, ghaleon, kates, lilgenie87x, luvmyorpheus, missizzy, moviemaniac, mrsnoahwyle, noir_eva, nooneswife, putainfromage, saraghina, silentdream, silentmoon101, slowlycrashing, sometimesangel, sounusual, thesmurf, uniquely_lit, xbabygirl1114x, zucchini85
Account type:Early Adopter

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