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User:thelinniefiles (624891)
Location:Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:Linnie242 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Linnie242 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:~What is your name: Lindsey
~Nickname?: Linnie, The Flash, Flooz, 2 million more
~B~day? January 30th, 1989
~Age: 15
~Sex: female
~Zodiac sign: Aquarius
~What grade are you in and what school do you attend? junior~PA (yeah '07!)
~siblings and their ages? Weewee, 13ish, Skye, 20 something
~do you get along: hell no.
~Pets: dog, Cindy, rabbits, May, Joe, Oliver, and Felix
~Righty or Lefty: righty
~bedtime: hah (yeah insomnia)
~Hair color: brown
~Eye color: brown
~Do you wear contacts or glasses? not if I can help it!
~Do you have any piercings? ears (I want more ear pierces, tho)
~tattoos: needles....gahhh
~scars: various chicken pox ones, a cat-looking one right under my lip you cant really see, one on my left foot
~Height: 5'6"
~Do you wear any rings: nope
~What shoes do you wear: boots!

Do you believe in...

~yourself: usually
~friends: yes, usually
~best friends of the opposite sex: yes
~santa claus: yes, cuz i saw him once, coming down the chimney before the cops got him
~tooth fairy: no, I only had two teeth's worth of believence before my lovely mum told
~angels: not literally
~ghosts: no...unless I get scared
~aliens: yes...what are the odds that we're the only liveing things in the world
~God: not literally
~ what are the last four digits of ur phone number? 6106
~Do you like the person who sent this to you? I stole it from Maura, she's ok.
~how do you eat an Oreo? twist it in half, lick off the frosting on one half, eat it, then do the same for the other half
~Have you ever almost died: onetime I choked on a full hard starburst, and i couldn't I swallowed it.
~Have you ever won any special award? yes. we don't need to go on with them tho
~Do you like to dance? I dance like theres no one watching when theres no one watching
~Worst sickness you've ever had? pneumonia
~What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? oh God, well lately, it was when I fell down the stairs at Graves when I was looking at that guy
~What sport do you hate the most: football. huh. nuff said.
~Place for a dream house: London, or Hawaii
~How many kids do you want to have? none. The world is overpopulated enough, but I might adopt *one* kid, I mean why would you want to torture your poor oldest child?
~Have you ever sprained/broken/fractured a bone: broken wrist (fell off a bike and didn't know for 10 days)
~Who do you tell your dreams to: whoever I feel could relate to them
~What are you most scared of? death, and spiders, and growing up to be a pathetic sack of crap that did nothing with their life.
~How many tv's do you have in your house? 3
~Do you have your own? kinda, no one else uses it
~Do you have your own phone line? I used to, now I got a cell
~do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yes, occasionally, but I don't usually
~Are you a flirty person? I am in my inner confident person, but only occasionally in reality
~Are you shy? not really, I just don't like to talk to people I don't have a good understanding of how their minds that realy messed up?
~Are you outgoing? depends on the situation
~what's the best feeling in the world?: To be loved, and to love in return (yeahh)
~is cheerleading a sport? Is Shaniqua there?
~How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? the world may never know...
~Which came first the chicken or the egg: egg, duh, dinosaurs!
~Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: Root Beer. Dr. Pepper tastes like death. In a can.
~vanilla or chocolate: choklit
~Love or lust: love
~silver or gold: silver
~What's your favorite color: I dunno, i like bright pastel colors
~Favorite song? changes like every minute
~Do you like to sing in the shower? Put it this way: I have a singing curfew from being too loud
~Had an imaginary friend: yeah, five actually
~Cried during a movie: Yeah
~Had a crush on a teacher: NO! (pretzels!)
~What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?: URG!

~Sleep on your back, stomach or side: stomach or side
~Adidas, Nike, or Reeboks?: nike
~Croutons or Bacon Bits?: ew.
~2 doors or 4 (on a car)?: 4, 2's annoying
~Bridges or Tunnels? both
~One pillow or two?: three
~Salt or butter flavored popcorn?: both
~Fizzy or still water?: fizzy...more fun
~Red wine or white wine?: depends on my mood, white when I want somethign sweet.
~Do you believe in love? yes
~Do you believe in love at first sight? its possible I guess
~Do you find yourself attractive: Are you kidding, if I was a guy or lesbian I would marry myself
~What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? how they act, if theyre smiling, eyes
~are you too shy to ask someone out? yeah

~Good luck charm: love Buddha
~Bedroom like: lime green and robin egg blue
~Favorite Breakfast food: French Toast
~Abortion: Don't love it, but its not anyone's decision but their own
~Homosexuality: fine with me
~Rap: some good. depends on what kind it is
~Classical: its pretty...umm I don't listen too much to it.
~Oldies: some stuff is awesome.
~Swing: HOT

~lights on/off: depends
~sun or rain or snow? sun (and SUPER hot)
~mickey D's (McDonalds) or BK (burger king): McDonalds
~do you like scary movies or happy movies better?: happy. but dont mind scary ones
~backstreet boys or NSYNC? BSB ALL THE WAY BABY! (when i was 9)
~on the phone or in person: in person.
~summer or winter: summer
~hugs or kisses: hugs
~cake or pie: cake
~cats or dogs: dogs
~mud or jello wrestling? mmm...jello
~skiing or boarding? scary.
~day or night? I love the night life.
~sunset or sunrise: sunsets
~diamond or pearls: diamonds (are agirls best friend)


~candy: I LOVE CANDY! especially
~Beverage: pepsi, cream soda
~cartoon characters: simpsons
~sport(s): soccer, crew
~favorite actor or actress?: Heathy!
~tv show: Friends, The O.C., Will and Grace, Scrubs, Everwood (yeah I know!)
~favourite food: sweet stuff and fried stuff
~ice cream: coffee heath bar
~subject: depends
~shampoo: suave lavender
~favourite month: August
~favourite number: 24
Interests:48: blue, boys, boys who cry, bread, brianna zani, bunnies, caffeine, contempt, craziness, dead bunnies, emo, emo poetry, food, freedom, giggles, golden grahams, heath ledger, ice cream, inside jokes, kisses, loudness, love, melodrama, nilla wafers, no homework, non-stoners, not wearing clothes, pajamas, peace, pepsi, pillows, pina coladas, poetry, quiet, rainbows, silence, sleeping, sleepovers, stealing things, summer, sunshine, teen movies, the beatles, the walrus, things that scare me, watermelon lipgloss, wearing red, wet t-shirt contests
Friends:4: chaquitabanana, goldensong, kikz25, zaniwani9688
Friend of:5: chaquitabanana, kikz25, rocinante, sour_lemonade, zaniwani9688
Account type:Free User

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