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Below is information about the "______ ICON JUDGES___ GOT WHAT IT TAKES?" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:theiconjudges (674820)
Welcome to TheIconJudges..
many of you might have been part of the community shiner sadly.. it seems to have died, we want this community to run like that one did... so here are the rules :

Rules for everyone
submissions should be sent to with the subject as "icontest: the theme name" and should include you user name and the url of icon you are submitting.
No one is allowed to take any of the icon submissions. NO ONE.
If you icon submission has been stolen report it straight away.
You can say exactly what you think of the icons... we have warned you all if you get bitchy/rude comments.. well thats life and dont come running to me to have a go saying this communties a sH*T hole because others dont like your stuff.
All winners and runners up will recieve a banner, which if they chose can be put in their info page.
As soon as you have joined this community.. you ARE a judge, however, you will HAVE to join the community to be a judge because all polls will be friends only.

Rules for Icon Judges

Icons can be more than 40k and but not bigger than 100x100 to insure there is no stealing.
I will NOT host your icons.. if the link doesnt work when i come to put the polls up, i will email you ONCE but after that it wont be my problme.
Vote for the icon you like best.. not what everyone else seems to be going for..
Say what you think of the icons.. you dont know who they are so its not personal.. its an icon.. you cant please everyone.

Rules for Icon Maker
DONT get hurt if people dont like your icon.. they dont know how you are they are judging your icon not you!
ALL ICONS must be emailed to me before Thursday Midnight. no exeptions. ok?
The subject of your email will be 'TheIconJudges' and the theme of the icontest.
PLease. DOnt. CHeat... yes ive been there..
Dont tell other people which one your icon is.
The icon you submit MUST be made by you..
You Have to host your own icon.
Dont bother voting for your own icon.. il find out.

Monday = New theme
Thursday = Get your icon to me
Friday and Sat = Vote away..
Sunday = Banners sent out and winners accounced.


No one here just yet...

icontest #1 Lips : xslashingxsoulx
icontest #2 Affection : l_d_returns
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