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Below is user information for Aranel. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:thegreatmissjj (284442)
Website:A Campaign of Misinformation
Location:New York, New York, United States
AOL IM:theGreatMissJJ (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:thegreatmissjj (Add User, Send Message)
A little window into the very twisted and convoluted mental wanderings of an eighteen year old ex-Catholic schoolgirl from Los Angeles set loose in Manhattan. Believe me, the view can be quite frightening sometimes.
You have been forewarned. Do watch your step. This site is under construction constantly. And if you happen to see a strange, blonde, elven-haired man, be sure not to take the lembas.
Aranel is a repressed Catholic schoolgirl with a penchant for perving men much older than her. Older gents tend to hit on her all the time and try to buy her drinks even though she's underage. She's a chronic insomniac, an HTML whore, an incurable romantic, a literary freak, and an aspiring writer. She hates Los Angeles and loves New York, although she was born and raised in LA. She tends to a little too passionate about everything and finds herself with a superiority complex regarding men. She loves animals more than she loves other human beings and militantly preaches the gospel of vegetarianism. She is in love with her piano, but also occasionally finds herself having an affair with her guitar. She loves and hates with a passion; she cannot like or dislike anything. She laughs and cries far too easily. She speaks three languages fluently and knows a smattering of seven others (including both Sindarin and Quenya). She likes the word "moot."
Her strengths are a quickness with words, being unwittingly amusing, passion, loyalty, intelligence, artistic and musical abilities, independence, creativity, and romance.
Her weaknesses include being intimidating to men, extraordinary clumsiness, extreme vanity, aversion to anything orderly, and chemistry.
She can speak in tongues, play the piano, tune the guitar, sketch the human body with extraordinary accuracy, paint with oils, write a little, sing a little, and smile a lot. And fends off all attackers with sarcasm, raised eyebrows, epees, sabres, bows and arrows, and 9mm Berettas (and she's a damn good shot.)
Memories:1 entry
Interests:150: 19th century, acting, action/adventure, alias, anglophile, anne bonny, aragorn, aragorn/eowyn, art, arthurian legends, baz luhrmann, being a cancer, being-disinclined-to-acquiesce-to-a-request, beren, british humour, burgumuller, california, chopin, cinema, classical music, colin firth, colonial history, daniel radcliffe, david duchovny, debussy, drawing, duels, edwardian era, elijah wood, elves, elvish, emily bronte, england, eowyn, existentialism, eyebrows, fanfiction, fantasy, fox mulder, fred/cho, george orwell, gibson girl era, glasses, gothic literature, green party, guitar, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/hermione, heathcliff, het, historical fiction, history, hobbits, icons, intelligence, intelligent older men, j.d. salinger, jack sparrow, jane austen, jean-paul sartre, johnny depp, july 9 1985, knighthood, korea, korean, korean dramas, le morte d'arthur, les miserables, liberalism, literary criticisms, literature, london, lord of the rings, los angeles, luthien tinuviel, manly men, medieval chivalry, monty python, movie soundtracks, mr. darcy, mulder/scully, musicals, mythology, new york city, new york university, old-fashioned writing desks, older men, opera, painting, passion, phantom of the opera, philosophy, piano, pinstripes, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, princesses, professors, public transportation, queen's english, quenya, quill and ink, raised eyebrows, ravenclaw, reading, revolutionary war, rochester, roleplaying, romance, romanticism, sabres, sailor moon, sam/frodo, sarcasm, scottish brogues, sex, sexual tension, sexy older men, shakespeare, shieldmaidens, silmarillion, sindarin, singing, sir thomas mallory, slash, star wars, swallowtail coats, swordfighting, t.s. elliot, the mabinogion, the mists of avalon, the princess bride, theatre, tolkien, top hats, transcendentalism, typewriters, vegetarian, victorian era, viggo mortensen, vintage clothing, wales, web design, welsh, wit, writing, wuthering heights, xfiles.
Friends:10: derangedmind, glitterandgold, icantpretend, lostemokid, nakedeye, noncon, slytherinbitch, streetartistnyc, utopianhaze, wastingtime
Friend of:3: moob11, noncon, utopianhaze
Member of:9: claimceleb, domlijah, ejwfan, hpslash, hp_guys, lotr_freaks, plash, potterownsyou, we_love_dan
Account type:Free User

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