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Below is information about the "*the*fuck*list*" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:thefucklist (86347)
About:This is the blurty fucklist. Join and post a list of blurty users who you'd fuck. you can post a pic of yourself along with it if your vain like moi.. and it'll prob get you on sum fucklist's too ^_^

Dont need to be any certain age.. just join.
Dont leave rude comments.

Interests:141: aerosmith, after sex cigarette, bi-sexuality, blink 182, box car racer, brite, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, cheap tricks, chicks, cigarettes, cock, combat boots, computing, crazy bitches, cum, cumming, cunt, cute guys, cuties, cutting, dead roses, deftones, dick, disappearing, dominos, dr pepper, dreaming, drinking, driving, drugs, dungarees, emily, evilness, fags, freaks, freezing rain, friends, fries, fucking, fucking boys, fucking girls, fucking shit up, gay sex, getting touched, girlfriends, girls, giving head, glam, glitter, glow in the dark, goth, green day, grim faeries, gstrings, guitars, guys, hair, hallucinations, hauntings, having fun, hooverphonic, horror movies, hot girls, hot topic, hot wax, hugs, insane asylums, invisibility, jack off jill, jackass, jacking off, jelly babies, jolly ranchers, kissing, kissing boys, kissing girls, kissing guys, layouts, leather, lesbians, licking, lighters, lip gloss, lipgloss, listing, lollipops, making love, making out, marlboro, matches, mental illness, money, muff, muff diving, music, nail polish, oral sex, paid accounts, pain, penis, piercing, piercings, pizza hut, pleasing, pleasure, porn, pretty boys, pretty girls, pulling, punk icons, pussy, rammstein, razorblades, razors, red bull and vodka, rubbing, sadomasochism, self harm, self mutilation, self-harm, self-mutilation, seth green, sex, shopping, skateboarding, skateboards, skaters, skating, sleeping, smoking, snow, snowboarding, sucking cock, suicide, taking back sunday, tattoos, teasing, underage sex, unhappiness
Members:69: adidasfreek420, agentcooper, bad_stars, bleeding_barbie, bluecanary, britany_nicole, cforcloe, crazi_bitch, disavowed101, discoverkitt, excowboy, extasyexotic, face21, febuary_5_1968, f_ucking, ghettobootix, hibla, hotpinkdildos, iamthegrinch, iwantu69, i_r_felisha, jeremy_pgh, jezzika666, juggalopimp69, kitkatkiddie, knowledge216, kurt_cobain, licker4mammas, luckycb31, maggotfeast, makemescream, melanch0ly, michinoku, moviebuff, mrmark, mushroomtipdrip, musichetta, nixi, p0rcelain, phreek4u, pinkmartini, pinkraindrops, punkah0lic, punk_as_fuck, seville, sexii_ful, sex_a_licious, singerchic13, sleepdisorder, snowboardgirl, softerxsoftest, somebody123, spz, staythesame, storyofagirl, super_geek, theangryprinces, theresnoiinteam, troublequeen, twistz, utopianhaze, vengeanceismine, walkingon, walmartshopper, xxxcribabyxxx, x_scarlet, x_sexi_punk_x, _fortunefaded_, _kerplunk_
Account type:Early Adopter

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