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Below is user information for Janie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:theedgeofsummer (591680)
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:i couldnt fit all my bands and things into intrests so i suppose i'll just post them randomly.
Interests:126: acoustic guitars, anything involving jimmy, attractive t-shirts, being loud, big groups of people, big words, blue pajama pants, body peircings, bon-fires, bowwwling, butter-bread, candy, chocolate milk, cinnamon buns, classic movies, cuddling, deep conversations, downtown philly, drinking thru straws, drums, dubble-bubble, dunkaroos, e.t. bongs, echos echos echos echos, electric quitars, eskimo kisses, eyes, fluffy blankets, friends, funny movies, giraffes, giving people funny nicknames, good dreams, guitars, having someone to trust, headbanging, headphones, holding hands, hoodies, hot pink, huge parties, hugs, hulk hands, hyperness, jim, jimmy, jimmys hair, jimmys lovely brown eyes, kissing, laughing at absolutly nothing, lemon heads, lisa's pizza, local concerts, local music, long conversations, long phone calls, loud music, love, love letters, lucky charms, making out, making people smile, mario, moses, moshing, motzerella cheese fries, music, my beatiful jimmy, my bed, northeast philly, old school nickelodeon, old school sega, open windows, orange skittles, pink starbursts, pixi sticks, places i've never been, pretending with my jimmy, private places, randomness, rice, ricola cough drops, rosenburgers iced tea, saving the world, scars that tell stories, screaming, shaggy hair, shampoo, shoes, sideburns, skateboarding, sleeping outside, sleepovers, sliding on ice, slushies, snuggling, soft hair, soft things, squish the lemon, staring contests, staying up late, strawberry pop-tarts, summertime, sunsets, swimming at night, swings, tbs, teeth, the fruitloop game, the hospital, the nightmare before christmas, the ocean, the spanish channel, the subway, tight jeans, trampolines, trucker hats, viva la bam, walking outside the mall, warm sexy shirts, watching my jimmy skate, water slides, whispers in the rain, wresteling in the snow, xerox machines, zippers
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: fluffyblanket
Account type:Free User

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