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User:thecleverone (45052)
Name:Padma Tara Patil
Bio:Year/House: Seventh, Ravenclaw

Family: She comes from a long line of full blood distinguished wizards. Her family was originally from India, but her parents moved to England before she was born. Both her mother, Dayita, and her father, Sukumar, are wizard doctors at St. Mungo's Hospital. She also has a twin sister in Gryffindor, Parvati Patil.

Pet: Her only pet is a tawny owl named Orion.

Personality: She's is the quieter of the twins. Very modest and polite, almost to a fault. Still, with her house and a few friends, she lets her guard down and is every bit as charming as the next girl.

Appearance: She's stands at about 5'6, long dark brown hair, almost black, with brown eyes. 'The prettiest' is what everyone often says about her and her sister, but she chalks it up to being a foreigner in an British school.

Academics: Astronomy is her calling. Her marks have been so consistantly excellent that Professor Sinistra insisted she be her assistant this year. She doesn't have any particulary bad classes, but she doesn't enjoy Herbology very much.
Interests:13: astrology, astronomy, books, dancing, dean thomas, history, music, mythology, reading, sleeping, stars, telescopes, writing
Friends:25: blondegryff, blueraven, bronzeeagle, deanthomas, forgotten_name, hogwarts7th, hufflegirl, know_it_all, prefectjustin, purest_0f_all, redhead_susan, rising_phoenix, sfinnigan, shyhufflepuff, sillyslytherin, silversungod, slithrngserpent, slytherinqueen, smiling_lioness, spoiled_prat, surelysweetness, theprettyone, theseventhyear, windsurfingravn, zorya_wyndham
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