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User:thebookofmylife (959423)
Name:Turning the Pages in the Book of My Life...
Location:Michigan, United States
Yahoo! ID:leatherwood_lost (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:folding_laundry_again
~Life is a winding road of lessons and should wear good shoes~

My PathCome... *extending my hand to you* ...take my hand and join me as I walk the winding and curving path of my life. Some days the path will have sunshine, while others have storms. There will be hills and valleys, rocks and may be long and boring, maybe wild and crazy and once in a while it will be peaceful and serene *ha-as if thats possible* never know from day to day.

There will be tears and laughter, smiles and frowns, good days and bad. A balanced mixture of feelings and emotions *one can hope, anyways* that day to day life brings.

You can be assured that no matter what the day will bring, it will always be the real thing, that I promise.

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Lisa MarieAaahhh, what can I say...I have been called Down-to-Earth...with a Twist *which isnt to be confused with being twisted*. I enjoy the Simple Pleasures that life has to offer~holding hands, sweet tea on a hot summer day, warm peaches, hummering birds, long endless drives on a Sunday afternoon to nowhere special, my family and friends~they are what life is truely all about...!!

I am a single (but involved) Mom of 5 wonderfully bratty kids ranging in age from 28 yrs to 7 yrs. The are my greatest source of joy and pain. I love them in spite of, not because of...!! Each of them are as individual as they can be and I wouldnt have it any other way.

I have bravely ventured into a loving relationship again, after being married to a man who broke my heart a million times over. My new man is a God Send, and he has found that place in my heart where I tried to hide myself from love and life. I am ever the "Hopeful Romantic" and once again have hopes for happiness and forever kind of love in my life.

I am a business owner (home daycare-Lil' BearPaws)....and I write poetry (Follow this link to go to my poetry journal; Poetic__Justice) and erotica (Follow this link to go to my erotica journal; Exposed_Desires). My days are filled with children and my nights with words. Its a wonderful combination that I have come to embrace as part of who I am.

I have been writing a "paper" journal since I was a kid...and an online journal previously for 3+ yrs, but felt it was time to turn the pages in the book of my life and start this journal. I enjoy expressing my feelings, thoughts and ideas in written word...and felt it was time to get back to it here.

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Cancer WalkerI AM A SURVIVOR...!!

I have been in remission from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma since Oct 2005. I survived surgery to remove the node from my chest (it was attached to my esophagus-around it)...and 20 days of radiation to kill it. That may not sound like alot, but I wanted to give up after the first 5 days. My family is the only reason I got out of bed each and every day to finish my treatments.

~That which does not kill you makes you stronger~

I have learned to live life to its fullest, cuz you never know when your time will be up. Life is too short to be unhappy. Wake each morning with a smile and go to bed each night with a memory and a prayer. Never take anything, especially the ones you love, for granted. Cuz you never know what will happen tomorrow. Tell those you love exactly how you feel...say I LOVE YOU more often....and hug your kids and loved ones each day. Take time to smell the roses...the daisies or the tulips. Take a drive and have a picnic...and just LIVE LIFE

Support and donate to Cancer Research Foundations. Cancer doesnt discriminate against who it takes, who it infects or who it kills. Children to adults are afflicted by this deadly disease.
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