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User:thebohokid (856477)
Name:The Boho Kid
Location:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Bio:What is there to say really?

It's funny that you think you know yourself until you have to sum it all up in an mini-biography like this one. There is always something you want to add or leave out to make yourself more interesting or less so.

Really I am just one of those girls who would like to believe in over the rainbow, that there is something out there better then Wonderland and much like Neverland. All tossed together. A perfect dreamworld where things aren't just dreams...but should be reality.

Maybe that is called denial, or maybe I want a life that is more then perfect, magical maybe....I don't know.

I am a dreamer in a word, I would like to live the bohemiam life and live by their ideals of truth, beauty, freedom and love, because I believe that is the essence of life, and if everyone lived by it, what a change in the world it would make.

I believe in a bohemian existence.

Im not one to stay in some place for long periods of time. I love to travel, see the world, oceans, lands, things that people only dare of dreaming, I would love to do.

Well what else can I say? I really do not know...I'll get back to this.....

Interests:27: books, cartoons, chinese food, dragon ball z, etc., ewan mcgregor, french toast, gladiator, harry potter, johnny depp, kate winslet, lasagna, london, lord of the rings, moulin rouge, movies, nicole kidman, paris, peter pan, romeo and juliet, sailor moon, shopping, the hours, tim burton films, travelling, vintage, white chocalate
Friends:2: jenixx, very_cherry10
Friend of:1: jenixx
Account type:Free User

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