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Below is information about the "The Blurty Awards" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:theblurtyawards (451730)
Name:The Blurty Awards
the blurty awards

Tired of all those awards communities who seem active at first, but then die out? Sick of all the same users winning? Join theblurtyawards. We're fair and active.

- DO NOT POST ENTRIES like "I fixed my layout. If you like it, nominate me". You can only post something like that in your introduction entry. Make a post of nominations only.

- Do not nominate a user that is not a member of the community.

- You are allowed to nominate yourself once and a user once (for each category).

- I will tolerate community ads, but other then that, don't post something unrelated, or I will delete your post and give you a warning.

- Do not beg or force users to vote/nominate you. Do not make multiple accounts to vote/nominate for yourself or others. It's called 'cheating'.

Best icons
Best user ifno
Best layout
Best journal entries
Best background
Best blinkie maker
Best colours
Best username
Best comment links
Most helpful
Most creative
Most obsessed (state your obsession along with it)

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Maintainer: centaur
Co-maintainer: neo_heartless
Sister community: customized
Interests:3: awards, graphics, members
Members:33: akashin_chan, anna_kylee, black_skittle, booty_fied, boredomreigns, centaur, crazymara77, dirtyrotter, drowningdestiny, foxxy_gurl2004, fxcking, hardxcandie, ilikeboys, innocent_kitten, kissmesweetly, ltwindlance, markerss, melancholyblues, neo_heartless, pure_x_destiny, qoa, ralynn, red_plastic_gun, sheeparebaaad, shoret101, sooowinkable, tearsfromthesky, thugsobsession, tropikal_kissez, underyourlove, vegetasbabie, _d0rky_, _kagura
Watched by:9: foxxy_gurl2004, pure_x_destiny, qoa, ralynn, sheeparebaaad, tearsfromthesky, thugsobsession, vegetasbabie, _d0rky_
Account type:Free User

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