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Below is user information for I'm not going nowhere. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:theanswer (125393)
Name:I'm not going nowhere
Bio:i am into hardcore - not things like from autumn to ashes and bla bla bla angels dying falling, huh.
i speak english and french, and will like you to be my friend. please?
Interests:93: 25 ta life, 69 boyz, 7 seconds, a perfect murder, aerobitch, agnostic front, american nightmare, artistic nudity, audrey martells, baileys, bane, beauty, big cities, black and white, blood for blood, bodyjar, bon jovi, champion, cheap shoes, coldplay, count me out, cro-mags, cypress hill, dead serious, death threat, drama classes, eminem, english, fifth hour hero, first blood, floorpunch, francais, free samples, french, gymnastic, hardcore, harvest, hc, history classes, internet, jiu-jitsu, kenzo, krutch, l'eau par kenzo, lauryn hill, le tigre, learn, madball, mirc, nailpolish, ninjas, old cities, old school, oldschool hardcore, over my dead body, pedro the lion, perfume, photography, piano songs, public enemy, punk, québec, radical noise, ramallah, reach the sky, respect, run dmc, school, self-portraits, shows, sick of it all, silverstein, slapshot, snowboard, ten yard fight, the awards, the casualties, the gloria record, the herbaliser, the juliana theory, the promise, the ramones, the strokes, throwdown, underwear, vegetarianism, vision, volcom, warzone, web design, what happens next?, ,
Friends:10: atomicbloodykis, bloodyknuckles, fiveyearwinter, hxc, iamunique, j_bau, loveletterlies, mascara_scars, shatteredbyhope, xnewxdirectionx
Friend of:4: atomicbloodykis, j_bau, shatteredbyhope, xnewxdirectionx
Member of:2: hxc, iamunique
Account type:Early Adopter

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