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Below is information about the "The Spotlight RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:the_spotlight (161725)  
Name:The Spotlight RPG
About:Okay welcome to The Spotlight. This is a RPG community that I hope will thrive and become huge. We'll have a nice little disclaimer site soon where all these rules will go as soon as I can find someone to make one. For now the lovely rules will go here.

1. I'm all for the slash. This is a slash acceptable community, but please be diverse. I don't want the entire community to be made up of gay men for example. I don't want people leaving because they get no story lines and action. Let's have a balance here.
2. Don't kill of your characters.
3. Don't take OOC IC and vice versa.
4. You're given two weeks trial here to prevent unactive RPers.
5. Don't type lIkE ThIs or talk Lyke dis. Come on people be mature. No one wants to have to squint, tilt their head, and cross their eyes just to read something it would take two seconds to type correctly.
6. Have an AIM name, journal, and journal entry written before you ask to join.
7. Try to keep it as realistic as possible.
8. No incest. I don't want brother's fucking brothers, sisters fucking sisters and all that jazz. That's just gross and wrong. If you like that kind of thing. Good for you, but keep it out of my community. I've heard from someone in a different community that that's becoming popular. Well, it's not gonna happen here.
9. Have fun everybody. That's the most important rule. Have fun.
10. Limit to playing only two characters each in this community.
11. No icon stealing. That's just wrong folks.
12. If you don't know how to roleplay after countless times of people telling you, you will be removed.
13. Don't post your everyday journal stuff in the community journal. That's what your personal one's are for.

Okay that might seem like a lot but hey. We're trying to keep this community happy and...healthy I guess.

So if this place interests you, leave a comment in spotlight_mods and we'll add you.
After you've been added, introduce yourself in curtain_call .


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You mess with won't be good for you.
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Interests:4: celebs, roleplaying, rpg, things of that sort
Members:None listed.
Watched by:1: xy_equals_sexy
Account type:Early Adopter

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