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Below is user information for Glaurung the Golden, Father of Dragons. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:the_golden (40373)
Name:Glaurung the Golden, Father of Dragons
Website:The Mun's Journal
Location:Everywhere, Middle Earth, United Kingdom
Bio:((*NOTE: this is an RPG character and not a real person*))

I am Father of all Dragons. Ooh, is that a shiny I see? *snatches it* O_o;; *runs off* You will never see this again! Ahahaha! *takes it to his huge stash of shiny things*

What the Encyclopaedia of Arda says about me:

Glaurung was the first of the Dragons, and one of the greatest. He first issued from Angband in 265 (First Age), but not being fully grown at that time, the Noldor under Fingon were able to drive him back.

In the Dagor Bragollach and the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Glaurung was in the vanguard of Morgoth's forces, and having grown to his full power, he wreaked great destruction on those battlefields. In the Nirnaeth, he was driven back to Angband by the heavily armoured Dwarves, though their lord Azaghâl was slain in that battle.

Glaurung led the assault by Morgoth on Nargothrond, and there came across Túrin for the first time. He dwelt in the ruined halls of Finrod Felagund for a while, but came forth at last to seek Túrin. He was slain by Túrin's black sword Gurthang in the Forest of Brethil.

((Mun name: Phoebe. I also play Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, a.k.a Arie, as well as Celebrían a.k.a Cellie, and Nienna in The Shadows of Mordor RPG))
Interests:9: dragons, hoarding, kleptomania, lord of the rings, pick-pocketing, shiny things, sparkly things, stealing, the silmarillion
Friends:41: airerosien, ar_feiniel, barmaid, displacedhobbit, dralanatrestar, dubhloach, elu_thingol, eol_dark_elf, eowynofrohan, erestor, frodosgardenar, gallie_kins, haleth, ithilien_ranger, ladyoftears, laureli, manofgondor, morgoth, oroelen, regallegolas, riddermark_lord, rikamaster, shadowsrpg, sharkey, silverqueen, tauron, thedarklord, theoden, thepreciousss, thrandos, tormentedhobbit, valiant_fingon, wormtongue, _araphor_, _brego_, _celeborn_, _elladan_, _evenstar_, _glorfindel_, _goldberry_, _merry_
Friend of:28: airerosien, ar_feiniel, barmaid, dubhloach, eowynofrohan, frodosgardenar, general_saklani, haldiroflorien, ithilien_ranger, ladyoftears, manofgondor, phoebe, regallegolas, rikamaster, riverdaughter, silverqueen, tauron, theoden, thepreciousss, tormentedhobbit, valiant_fingon, _brego_, _celeborn_, _elladan_, _evenstar_, _gimli_, _goldberry_, _merry_
Member of:1: shadowsrpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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