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User:the_gift (3340)
Website:Ecstasy is All You Need --
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States

Memories:1 entry Interests:128: ace, ace ventura, acting, adam busch, alexis denisof, alyson hannigan, amber benson, amends, american eagle, amy acker, andy hallett, angel, anthony stewart head, apocalypse, austin powers, b/a, black balloon, box of chocolates, brendan fehr, btvs, bubba gump, buffy and angel, buffy anne summers, buffy the vampire slayer, california dreamin, charisma carpenter, city of angels, claddagh rings, colin hanks, complications, connor, cross country driving, curious george, danny strong, david greenwalt, destiny, dreamers, eliza dushku, eminem, five x five, floury pants, forgiveness, forrest gump, g man, glenn quinn, goo concerts, goo goo dolls, graduation, green, gutterflower, hellmouth, here is gone, heroism, i will remember you, innocence, iris, j. august richards, jaime, james marsters, jason behr, jayden, jim carrey, john rzeznik, joss whedon, journals, joyce summers, judgement, kathryn merteuil, kelly clarkson, lady marmalade, latin soap operas, lies, lorne, lornettes, lose yourself, m/l, magick, marc blucas, max and liz, michelle branch, mike meyers, mini me, misery, my sundown, nelly, nicholas brendon, nick wechsler, nsync, once more with feeling, p diddy, passion, redemption, riley and buffy, riley finn, ripper, rob takac, roswell, roswell soundtrack, rpg, rupert giles, sarah michelle gellar, saving the world, scott evil, seth green, shakespeare, shiri appleby, shrimp, singing bananas, slayer, slayer strength, souls, spongebob squarepants, spuffy, stan, stargazers, sunnydale, suprises, the bronze, the champions, the gift, the verve, tom hanks, tom lenk, troika, will, willow and tara, xander harris, yummy sushi Friends:25: 2gether_fans, black_orchids, blank_page, britney_fans, buffy_fans, buffy_icons, community_ads, devious_truth, doctor_love, hybrid, ilori, maryland, men_suck, moodthemes, moonstar, movie_reviews, outlaw_torn, spaceboy, starlitxkiss, taskir, tess_harding, the_gift, waste, willowandtara, women_swallow Account type:Early Adopter

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