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Below is information about the "different" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:the_different (62107)  
About:ok so this is the moderator mike my journal is metaldom
at this point i feel it is time for me to inform you of my hopes and dreams for this comunity
this is a place for people who dont think that they fit in to talk about what it is to be different all topics are aproved of nothing is taboo post whatever you want if you are easily offended then dont read this cause as i said people are free to post whatever they please
i ask that anyone who wants to post pictures involving nudity please use im from lj so blurty's version of lj cut just because there could be minors here and i think that it is apropraite to give them the option to avoid such things
that is all for now contact me at for ne thing that you want to ask me

i would like to thank for the icons even if they didnt give me permision to take them

im looking for any sugestions on what to do with this comunity email me or leave a comment

Interests:34: atheism, being different, bisexual, black, blades, death, death metal, emo, fire, fishnets, gay, goth, guns, hair dye, industrial, killing, leather, lesbian, masicism, metal, night, not normal, oddity, opposition, plaid, punk, rebelion, red, sadism, sex, ska, spikes, transexual, underground
Members:21: angeldevilstar, antisocialpoet, darkartist, disecdeadred, distorted_eyes, dryadesse, emopopper4, enigmaticdaemon, fallen_star007, icesopeneyes, i__heart__boyz, metaldom, moesha, myusernamerules, rip_history, shatter, shudupxuxfoo, themiserychick, x360, xxmetaldomxx, __hopeless
Account type:Early Adopter

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