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Below is information about the "World Affairs Community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:the_blue_marble (26001)  
Name:World Affairs Community
  • The Blue Marble is a community to discuss world affairs of any nature. This could be anything from politics, religion, television, travel, news, entertainment, education, propaganda, drugs, social engineering, the environment or anything that effects us all on this rock we call Earth.

    The rules are simple
  • Post anything you want with regards to things that make an impact on the planet.
  • Unlike other communities, you are allowed to argue here.
  • You may flame people's positions, but not their character.
  • You must use your screen name. Anonymous posts have been disabled.
  • When possible, please provide a link to sources of reference for your point. If a link is not available, then give as much background info as possible.
  • Be prepared to back up your opinion! You feel a certain way about things for a reason. Let us know what that is.
  • Get things off your chest here!
Interests:32: abortion, anarchism, anarchy, anthropology, anti-capitalism, capitalism, democrats, drugs, education, environment, environmental issues, genetics, green party, pacifism, philosophy, political science, politics, pro-choice, pro-life, rants, religion, republicans, rotc, sociology, technology, television, the environment, the military, war, world affairs, world politics, wto
Members:39: act, alfabettezoupe, android_13, autonomous, bushwhore, dark_nebulae, death_twitch, deke0046, devouring_minds, emptyvision, fatexmoor, iodine, meela, moe, moveml, neverxreallyxme, normanbates, nunsense, ofwolfandman, politicalpunk, psycho_saruman, psyclone, purple_skies, republicanprat, sabotai, saintmarcus, sch00lteacher, siberian_isis, sosoaddictive, sxe_chicana, trannon, ultraviolet, wickedpink222, wildflame, wintercoat, xheartsick_, xtigerrxlilyx, _moon_river, _teenager
Watched by:16: alfabettezoupe, autonomous, bushwhore, devouring_minds, entitything, fatexmoor, meric_lashaw, moveml, normanbates, nunsense, pinkhippos, pinkpencil, sosoaddictive, ultraviolet, wintercoat, xheartsick_
Account type:Early Adopter

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