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User:the_bandaid (691297)
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:What can I say that somebody else hasn't said here before? Not much.

If Bandaid gave us a bulk discount, we could stick bandages on all the bleeding cuts in this world. But I'll have to stick them on my fingers first.


I got my name because I keep cutting myself on bits of paper floating around on my desk. I keep a box of bandaids and wrap them around my fingertips, but it looks really crude and clumsy. Most of the time I can't feel anything, and I end up dropping and slipping everything I come in touch with (especially scalding cups of coffee), and my cat likes to play with them when I get home and I want to spend time bonding. My fingers make click-tap! noises when they hit a hard surface. My profs at school keep trying to harden us up, and my fingers are indeed, very hard, but concealing vulnerable little wounds inside.

Because underneath this plastic we're all soft and mushy and warm and loopy.

I love this my keyboard because it doesn't cut me and I don't have to press very hard for me to write. Because writing can be a very painful process sometimes...

It's late at night, I'm sleepy, I still have piles of assignments to do, and I'm not making much sense. I never really do. heheh... Really I am just another kid here who wants to save the world.
Interests:117: aldous huxley, alice walker, alternative states of consciousness, american history x, ani difranco, anti-blair, anti-bush, anti-howard, anti-war, apartments, art, bandaids, baseball, beer, being 24, being single, books, boston, brazil, bread, buddhism, caf├ęs, candy, cars, cats, classic cars, coffee, coldplay, college, concerts, cooking, cuba, david foster wallace, e.e.cummings, erich maria remarque, f. scott fitzgerald, fall, fight club, foo fighters, football, fruityloops, good music, good people, good will hunting, harold pinter, harper lee, hemingway, henrik ibsen, henry david thoreau, herman hesse, history, james joyce, jeanette winterson, jeans, john mayer, johnny cash, julian barnes, karl marx, kate hudson, kurt, kurt vonnegut, lesbians, leunig, meditation, miles davis, movies, nachos, new york city, noam chomsky, nut roast, oasis, peace, pema chodron, philadelphia, pink floyd, pizza, politics, rock, seamus heaney, sex, sex pistols, skateboarding, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, sneakers, snow, socialism, steinbeck, stuff, system of a down, talking, ted hughes, texas state, the internet, the rolling stones, the strokes, the white stripes, thusday, tofu, tool, travel, tv, umbrellas, van morrison, vegetarian, vintage, w.h.auden, walt whitman, weekends, women, workaholic, working, writing, yoga, your mother, your sister, your wife
Friends:10: 051303, ameliacevil, casey54952, giish, litlgin, livlafluv, misscharlie, ratpackmember, thursday_next, wp
Friend of:3: giish, litlgin, livlafluv
Member of:2: excerpts, readingroom
Account type:Free User

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