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Below is user information for 手塚忍 Tezuka Shinobu. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tezuka_shinobu (96512)
Name:手塚忍 Tezuka Shinobu
Bio:Please enter your birthday for me so that I can receive a free reminder from

About Me
Name: Tezuka Shinobu 手塚忍
Nicknames: Shin-chan, Koneko, KawaiiShinchan (IRC), ShinobuKoneko (IRC)
Natural Hair Color: Mix of Brown and Black
Dyed Hair Color: Pink, Raspberry, Red, and Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 165cm (65in)
Weight: That's a secret :P
Accessories: Flexon Glasses, Pure Silver Necklace, and Citizen Watch
Occupation: Owner of プロジェクトJ 681 (PROJECT-J 681) and Vector Sales Rep cutco

IRC Info
Nickname: KawaiiShinchan
Alternet: ShinobuKoneko
Server1: Nightstar
Server2: DALnet
DALnet Channels: +#anime-elites #yuri @#Nekomimi #Neko-anime +#kawaii-anime +#excelanime +#catgirls +#bunny-chan #animeobsession +#Anime-Godhood +#Angelic-Illusion
Nightstar Channels: #angelbot

My Comunities
cutco(Only the mirror on blurty)
project_j681 (Only on blurty)
Interests:60: anime, bishoujo, bishounen, blue hair, bows, candy, clothes, collars, cosplay, cuddling, cute things, cute underwear, dolls, dresses, friendship, games, girlfriends, girls, hair accessories, hair ribbons, hugs, japan, kagomi kagomi, kissing, knee highs, lace, loose socks, manga, meirou_bunny, outfits, over the knee socks, petticoats, pink hair, pleated skirts, polo shirts, pressed flowers, pretty boys, pretty girls, ribbons, schoolboys, schoolgirls, shoes, shonen ai, short skirts, shoujo ai, shounen ai, silk, skating, skirts, stockings, stuffed animals, thigh highs, tokyo, tyler_rabbit, violin, yaoi, yuri, アニメ, 日本, 日本語
Friends:80: accelagirl, ai_shiteru, almostlegal, animeaddme, bassoon_chiq, battah_suicide, blinkychic1234, bloodymurderer, boylove, c0nd0msale, clothing_claims, crimson_blood, cutco, darkened_dreams, ddrockstar, eboniorchid, eeyore7, egl, einsamesherz, evilbananalamb, fadedpastel, fairy, giirls_, girlskissgirls, girltouching, give_a_gift, haiyakuck, harrehpotta, icantpretend, ikky, iwant2saveyouxx, japanese, japanese_cg, key_chan, kitachi, kittie_spit, kitty_ears, kourui, lbchan, lifeoverdose, like_0h_my_g0th, littlest_tenshi, livvylove, marajade, meirou_bunny, miyuki, narusegawa_san, naruto, nekomimiko, neko_kitty, nihongo, n_e_k_o, omarandjohnny, paradiselost, play_dressup, project_j681, pyrochan, quizdiva, sailor_fuku, sexxxysuicides, shota, sigawa_high_ooc, spaztcweezl, sweet_or_evil, tezuka_shinobu, theinnerme, timelesiwhisper, tyler_rabbit, user_lain, wanttotalkabout, xtviruskissesx, yaoi, yaoifans, yaoi_couples, yoursinsintome, yugifangirl, yuri_couples, _jessicunt, _sexmeup, ___inlove
Friend of:25: bassoon_chiq, bloodymurderer, crimson_blood, eeyore7, einsamesherz, evilbananalamb, harrehpotta, icantpretend, ikky, kawaiidreamer14, littlest_tenshi, marajade, meirou_bunny, narusegawa_san, nekomimiko, paradiselost, pyrochan, rluv2dance, spaztcweezl, tezuka_shinobu, tyler_rabbit, user_lain, xtviruskissesx, yoursinsintome, yugifangirl
Member of:33: advancedsextips, ai_shiteru, almostlegal, animeaddme, boylove, clothing_claims, cutco, egl, giirls_, girlskissgirls, girltouching, give_a_gift, japanese, japanese_cg, kitty_ears, lesbians, nihongo, n_e_k_o, play_dressup, project_j681, sailor_fuku, sextips, shota, sigawa_high, sigawa_high_ooc, sweet_or_evil, wanttotalkabout, yaoi, yaoifans, yaoi_couples, yuri_couples, _sexmeup, ___inlove
Account type:Early Adopter

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