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Below is user information for Tesco Mutherfuckin Vee. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:tescovee (334363)
Name:Tesco Mutherfuckin Vee
Website:Myspace Shit Page
AOL IM:AOL is shit. (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:jmg242 (Add User, Send Message)
Jabber:I'm sorry but i'm not into that.
Bio:I am here for entertainment and the company of a few good friends. If you want to add me, please go back through a good twenty-or so posts and get an idea of what I'm like. Don't add me and then all of the sudden develop a problem with the nasty shit that I type.


OH, and just so we're straight on something - If I don't add you as a friend, it doesn't mean I think you suck or that your buttcrack is too dirty for my taste . It's a simple matter of cheap laziness . See, i'm a free account user which means that I can only add ten friends . Since there are more that ten people listing me, if I were to add my limit, some people may get their chonies in a wad and think i'm not adding them out of spite . SO...I don't add, I bookmark people's journals so that I can keep up with the whos/whats/whens of it all . So get up off my nuts about it .

Have a nice day .

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Memories:55 entries
Interests:55: blacksmithing, books, composing, concerts, cooking, disease, dorks, fearless iranians from hell, foolhardiness, forcible entry, frottering, hiking, ice hockey, industrial music, industrial records, inline hockey, intelligence, knowing what to say, korg music workstations, laughing, meatmen, midget tossing, mocking tards, molotov cocks, motorcycles, movies, music, mutherfuckers, offroading, openmindedness, pirating, pornographic material, punk rock, rock climbing, roughhousing, sex, skateboarding, skatenigs, skinny puppy, skydiving, sleazy p martini, smutty porn, stupidity, surfing, swashbuckling, tattoos, texas, theater, twat, twisted humor, viciousness, vinyl records, visual stimulation, wakeboarding, waterskiing
Friends:6: communitypromo, fuckyou, go_ask_tesco, omgzlolzspam, sextips, tescovee
Account type:Free User

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