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User:tempting_poison (917791)
Name:Brittany K
Location:Close to Houston, Texas, United States
Bio:My name is Brittany.I am going to be a sophmore.I don't really like school,I hate getting up early the only thing I really like about school is friends and guys.I am random,kinda shy(unless I know you really well),like to always be on the go,get bored easily,honest,out-spoken,practical,determined,artistic(i love drawing)and photography I take pictures all the time I would have a better picture on here,but you can't fit no digital camera pic on here(which sucks,but o well).I like hangin w/friends,talking on the phone,tanning,shopping,swimming,water-skiing,drawing,writing,dancing,photography,art,rock,emo,punk,ska,metal,hardcore,rap,skrew rap,rnb, & just havin' fun.
Interests:61: a perfect circle, abercrombie, acidbath, aeropostle, alien ant farm, american eagle, beach, beastie boys, bloodhound gang, boys, breaking benjamin', cheese, clubs, dancing, death metal, dreams, emo, family, ferrets, friends, frogs, fruit, fun, hardcore, headbangers, hot topic, ici, korn, lizards, lost prophets, lotion, metal head, metallica, mohawks, movies, music, nine inch nails, northstar, photography, pizza, poems, primus, prodigy, punk, ramon noodles, red hot chilli peppers, rock, salad, shi, ska, sleeping, slipknot, surfing, swimming, systemof a down, talking, tanning, tigers, tool, water skiing, writing
Friends:2: a7x_for_life, bloodyblueeyes
Account type:Free User

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